Review – Justice League: Last Ride #3 – Waiting for Doomsday

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JL: Last Ride #3 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Justice League: Last Ride #3 – Chip Zdarsky, Writer; Miguel Mendonca, Artist; Enrica Angiolini, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: Zdarsky is a master of the quiet moments, and can wring tension out of even the smallest scenes. That’s rarely clearer than with this issue, which is the calm before the storm in every way. The Justice League has headed to the ruined Apokalips with their captive Lobo in tow, trying to keep the villain safe long enough to make it to trial. That leaves the League with little to do after he’s locked up but sort out their own issues. The Flash tries to lighten the tension by offering S’mores (which Bruce does not know how to pronounce, in an amusing scene). But it doesn’t take long before tensions start rising, as it’s clear that they still haven’t let go of old grudges. A nightmare of Bruce’s makes that especially clear, in a brilliant scene that has J’onn taking the place of Bruce’s parents in a nightmare—or is it actually the deceased Martian trying to make contact with Bruce for an important purpose?

End of the line. Via DC Comics.

Of course, there is a threat brewing—and it’s not from a villain. The United Planets is quickly becoming split, with many wanting Lobo dead instead of on trial. And making it even more dangerous, there may be elements in the Green Lantern Corps collaborating with them and giving out information. And just like that, the planet becomes less of a Fortress and more of a floating target. As the League tries to come up with a plan of action, tensions rise and it falls to Diana to mediate—rather brusquely—between Bruce and Clark. It feels like we’re counting down to something shocking and devastating, but Zdarsky has kept his cards close to his chest here and this is one of the most unpredictable comics at DC right now. Halfway through, and I still have very little idea what’s going to happen next—but I have little doubt that it’s going to deliver some great twists and turns.

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