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StickyStudy Chinese 3.12

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Education
Price: $2.99 -> Free, Version: 3.12 (iTunes)


The only flashcard app you'll ever need to make serious progress in your Chinese studies.

*** Reviews ***
"Yes, this is probably the best flashcard app or study tool ANYWHERE if you're aiming to prepare for HSK/TOCFL or just want to memorize vocabulary."
"The most beautiful app I own"
"I love this app! Simply the best way to learn to recognize and pronounce Chinese characters. Fantastic development job and user-friendly interface. Enjoy!"
"Simple, great interface, several ways to view your progress, best I have seen"
"Me gusta!"
"This app did the job. I took the test today and this app was the only study tool I used"
"This is by far the best app to learn chinese and I believe it is a five star concept. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Chinese."
"..this app has become invaluable to my study. Thank you for taking the time to create this app."
"This is the best app I've found for studying Chinese hanzi with flash cards"
"If you want to study hanzi for the HSK, this is the app to get. Not to complex so you dont spend all your time trying to get it to work, but just enough depth so it does what you want it to. The app just gets out of the way, so you can focus on your studies. I have Flashcards Deluxe, but this is the one I keep coming back to!"
"Simple amazing: The right app to study Hanzi, Highly recommended to learn chinese"
"Very fast and stable. Works very well and simple to use. Recommended!"
"A very efficient way to remember your hanzi. The best flashcard program I've ever used."
"I've tried dozens of apps for studying Chinese and this is the best, hands down."
"Love it, totally epic."
"WORTH every cent! AWESOME!"

Main Features:

◆ Beautiful "Map" Interface
Your entire vocabulary is shown as one large map that you can freely scroll and zoom around in. Depending on your progress, each sticky is assigned a colour from red to green.

◆ Decks
All the hanzi and vocabulary data required for the *new* HSK test (1-6) and TOCFL (aka TOP) tests are included. Freely mix and create your own decks with any content. Switch between simplified and traditional characters.

◆ Leitner Study Method + Calendar = Awesome
Just set a future date and let the scheduler tell you when and what to study, everyday.

◆ Audio
In total, close to 10,000 audio pronunciation files (around 90% of all entries) by native speakers are included (Thanks to Shi Ying & Ermes Toninelli).

◆ Examples
Includes a database of example sentences (traditional and simple characters) that are cross referenced with every sticky. Where available, example compounds are also displayed.

◆ Proven Track Record
Based on the proven and successful StickyStudy series of flashcard apps backed by regular updates, an obsessive developer and strong support.


◆ A beautiful, free scrolling "map" interface
◆ Full HSK data for the new test (levels 1-6)
◆ Full TOCFL (previously TOP) data
◆ SRS study algorithm
◆ Join files to make cumulative lists
◆ Switch between traditional and simplified
◆ Switch between pinyin accents and numbers
◆ Colour pinyin with 4 scheme (Pleco, etc)
◆ 8000 audio word samples
◆ 1600 audio pinyin samples
◆ Scheduler - set a future date and your daily study is calculated
◆ Example sentence database
◆ Stickies can be added, moved, deleted and edited
◆ Filtering, sorting and searching
◆ iCloud background syncing
◆ Create your own decks and use the built in audio
◆ Import your own decks
◆ Rolling progress statistics
◆ EXTENSIVE options
◆ "Launch Centre Pro" = "stickystudychinese://"
◆ Ridiculously good support

Twitter: @justininjapan

What's New

UI fix when in dark mode.

StickyStudy Chinese

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