National Girlfriend Day is Just Around the Corner: Surprise Your Bae With These 12 Gifts

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Anniversaries, birthdays and holidays seem like more than enough holidays to celebrate your girlfriend, right?

Wrong. Absolutely wrong. There are not enough days in the year to celebrate your queen. Thankfully, because she needs more spoiling and loving, the world has spawned another bae-centric holiday perfect for getting your girlfriend yet another gift she deserves.

Introducing: National Girlfriend Day.

While National Girlfriend Day has been a “holiday” for a bit now, this is our first year ever hearing about it. So, what better time than now to get the best gift for your girlfriend? Right? Ladies?

This year, National Girlfriend Day is landing on August 1st, 2021. So, sadly, you’ve only got a few days to prepare for a super romantic day filled with love and happiness. Looks like you’ve got some work to do, bud.

Whether you’re taking her on a half-assed date to the local Applebee’s or you’re going all out with an impromptu picnic under the stars, you’re going to need to gift her at least something. Lucky for you, we’ve searched Amazon to find you 12 last-minute gifts we’re sure she’ll appreciate.

And, yeah, you’re welcome.

1. Rose Gold Zodiac Necklace

Quick, what’s her sign? Hell, what’s her birthday? You better know both. If she’s ever talked about her zodiac sign or judged you over yours (which we’re sure she has), this zodiac necklace makes for one of the best gifts to give your girlfriend. It comes in a gorgeous rose gold color — unless she’s more of the gold or silver type, in which case, they have those colors, too. You’ll be able to choose whichever her zodiac sign is and it will get to you just in time for National Girlfriend Day. Just don’t mess up her sign or you’ll probably end National Girlfriend Day without a girlfriend. Google it, for goodness sake.

Rose Gold Zodiac Necklace

Buy: Rose Gold Zodiac Necklace $41.95


2. Le Specs Sunglasses

Pro tip: Shopbop (the iconic NYC-based online designer shopping site for women) ships all of its products across the globe in just three days or less. This means no matter what you find on Shopbop that matches her style could get to you before National Girlfriend Day if you’re speedy enough. Our pick? These cute pink sunglasses from Le Specs. Who doesn’t love a little pop of color with their accessories in the summer?

Le Specs Sunglasses


3. Homesick Candles

Nobody hates candles. It’s almost a fact at this point. We love Homesick Candles no only for how great they smell, but for how sentimental they are. If your girlfriend is from a different state than the current one she’s living in, snag her home state scent to bring her back to her childhood. If the two of you have a place you love to visit together that’s far from home, consider gifting her that one. The options are pretty endless here.

Homesick Candles

Buy: Homesick Candles $29.79


4. Anker Portable Charger

Does this one even need an explanation? Her phone is constantly on low power mode at, like 7%. This is a must for her to carry in her bag. You know it, she knows it, her friends know it, her parents know it, hell, her dog knows it. This battery pack is compatible with just able any phone she’s rocking plus some tablets. This charger will also charge her phone around four full times in total before it dies. Just make sure she ends up charging this, too.

Anker Portable Charger

Buy: Anker Portable Charger $59.99


5. Roses

Roses are the most effortless last-minute gift for your girlfriend that’ll still hit that sentimental value right where in the heart. If you’re unfamiliar with 1800Flowers, they will quite literally get flowers to whoever needs them overnight. So, if you happen to live in the middle of nowhere and the closest florist is miles and miles away, this is a very safe bet — even if you’re ordering the day before National Girlfriend Day.

1800Flowers Roses


6. Queen Wine Glass

She’s an icon, she’s a star, she’s a queen. And she loves wine. This National Girlfriend Day, gift your bae the potential for more wine. Sure, maybe a bottle of red will do her justice, too. This is for nights when she plans on sitting on the couch until 1AM alone on her throne (the couch) with her lion (her cat) to watch her jesters perform. And yeah, the jesters is the television show Friends. For the eighth time.

Queen Wine Glass

Buy: Queen Wine Glass $9.95


7. Hotouch Silk Robe

Everyone deserves a robe. Whether she’s lounging around the house and sipping a cup of coffee or putting her makeup on as she tries to pregame before even getting to the pregame, this silk robe is perfect for all of her in-home needs. Colors range out of the wazoo here, so be sure you snag her favorite. You don’t want her to ask, “why didn’t you get it in blue?” when they have it in blue. She can quite literally pull up the receipts.

Hotouch Silk Robe

Buy: Hotouch Silk Robe $29.98


8. Canvases and Paint

Some of the best gifts you can give are experiences the two of you can do together. For National Girlfriend Day this year, make the date you take her on the gift. Consider a homecooked meal, a nice bottle of wine and a paint set for a little DIY at-home date night. This canvas and paint set comes with everything you’ll need to create two pieces of art separately and one together. If you live together, maybe these will help the two of you decorate the walls in your home.

Canvases and Paint

Buy: Canvases and Paint $22.99


9. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

You guys have been creating memories your entire relationship. Date nights to the city skyline, trips to the zoo, Airbnbs in the mountains, vacations at your parent’s lakehouse, driving around in the car with nowhere to go. No matter what you’ve done during your time together, we’re sure both of you have a full camera roll of happy faces together. It’s finally time to create memories using something more tangible with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11. This is an instant camera that allows users to have a tangible form of their photos for keeping in their phone case, their wallets, car mirrors and walls. Plus the cameras come in a ton of gorgeous pastel colors we know she’ll love.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Buy: Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera $67.31


10. ASOS DESIGN Textured Mini Smock Sundress

Just like Shopbop, ASOS has an extremely fast delivery rate. Most clothing will arrive in just one or two days total, making this a stellar place to get some shopping done. Best part about ASOS? Some of their stuff is so cheap that it’s practically like they’re giving some stuff away. Take this $25 smock dress for example. The same dress from Nordstrom would probably cost her double if not triple that. Feel free to ball out and get her a ton of clothing and accessories she might be wanting. Your choice!

ASOS DESIGN Textured Mini Smock Sundress


11. Selfie Ring Clip

Consider it basic, but you’ll also have to consider it useful. This selfie ring clip snaps itself right to the top of her phone to up her selfie game tremendously. It gives that back flash lighting she loves so much but toward the front instead, making it easier for her to see herself when taking a well-lit selfie. Yeah, it’s kind of dumb, but she’s probably going to end up using it.

Selfie Ring Clip

Buy: Selfie Ring Clip $13.99


12. Amazon Gift Card

It might seem like a little bit of a cop-out, but we promise it’s not. Purchasing your girl an Amazon gift card is the same thing as getting her a gift card to the nail salon, the hairdresser, the tanning salon — whatever. It’s a simple way to say “this one’s on me, go wild”.

Amazon Gift Card

Buy: Amazon Gift Card $50.00


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