Make online learning an enjoyable experience by following these tips

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As the country continues to fight the ongoing pandemic, schools are turning to online classes and remote learning so students can remain safe at home while pursuing their education. However, the downside to homeschooling is that students are surrounded distractions like gadgets, the comfortable sofa, and even the normal daily activities at home!

To help make the online learning experience productive and efficient, AXA Philippines, one of the country’s leading insurance providers, suggests trying these methods:

Have a classroom set-up at home. At home, the lines between school and play can be blurred so it is recommended to make a separate area for homeschooling. When setting up a study area in the house, choose a spot that provides natural light to help fuel the student’s learning, concentration, and creativity. Decorate the area with learning tools like a whiteboard or chalkboard, flash cards related to the child’s lesson, and other materials he/she may need to aid in his/her studies.

Zone out the noise. Make sure the room is quiet. Turn off the television, radio, cellphones or other sources of noise so the student can concentrate on the lecture. Remind other family members and household staff to respect the kid’s school time by avoiding going in and out of the room or keeping the noise down during school hours.  

Learn through other mediums. Even outside school hours, students can still learn new things in other ways. There are various online tutorials or educational videos discussing almost everything under the sun. Printed books are still a viable option so little kids can also lessen screen time. Arts and crafts are also good ways to learn and bond with family.

Prep before class. Before class hours, students must fuel themselves with nutritious foods that help boost concentration and brain activity. Fill their plates with fruits rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, as well as fatty fish like salmon, sardines and tuna, which are rich in omega-3s for better cognitive abilities. They should also dress appropriately and prepare all school materials needed before school hours start—this will give kids a sense of routine and mental preparation for the day’s work.

Make online learning an enjoyable experience by following these tips from AXA Philippines. To know the various insurance products offered by AXA, including educational plans for your children, visit

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