I Spy Bird Shapes

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I Spy Bird Shapes features birds whose bodies are shaped like a variety of shapes. Children will have fun learning about shapes and finding them on the pages. While both pages feature the same shapes, they do not display the same number of each shape.

The set also includes shape flashcards. There are B/W and color versions of the cards. While many of your children may know all the shapes displayed, others may not. Some may need to have flashcards beside them while they work. They can look at the bigger version on the card and then look for the smaller ones.

You can decide just what your children will need to have available to them as they work through the pages.

Getting the Roll and Cover Games

This set is a PDF.   When you download it, you will need to open it with a PDF reader. Acrobat Reader is a popular reader that you can download to use. You probably have it on your computer already.

Creating Reusable Flashcards

The set contains two sets of flashcards. You can use whatever set will work for you.

If you plan on using the cards over and over again, you will want to laminate or place them in a plastic sleeve. Below you will find some wonderful lamination tools.

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Tips for I Spy Bird Shapes Activity Pages

  • First, you may want to go over the shapes displayed on the I Spy pages. You can do that by going through one of the sets of flashcards or going over the shapes displayed in the chart.
  • Then you will want to have your children figure out how many of each shape there is displayed on the page.
  • Your children can write the number of shapes found for each feeling with a number or a tally mark.
  • If you think your children will have trouble remembering that they have already counted a shape you can have them color the shape as they count or put an x on them.

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