How To Throw A Party For Mother’s Day During The Lockdown

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Mother’s day is coming and if you’re away from your mom or you still want to invite people to celebrate this special day, let me teach you how to throw a party even during the lockdown.

It might be a different kind of celebration this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t all still be “together” and have a blast.

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How to Throw a Party Even While We’re in Lockdown

1. Messaging App

Messaging App | how to throw a party

The most crucial thing you need to have if you want to throw a virtual party is a messaging app, of course. There are several apps that you can use for this celebration.

Zoom became really popular during these times because of the quality and the number of people who can join a video call. Facebook messenger can also be fun and you can even add stickers for your video to liven up the video conversation.

Set up your laptop on the table and see your loved ones on the screen — at least for now.

2. Gifts

gifts | how to throw a party

This is particularly for the children, it can come as a surprise as well. You may not be there physically but would you believe you can still give a gift for your mom?

Again, not a physical gift (for now) but a heartwarming message can suffice. Maybe show your mom a handwritten mother’s day card made by your children for their grandma. Tell them they’ll get those cards when things get back to normal.

Other gift ideas can be e-books, online vouchers, video streaming subscription, paid games, or webinar subscription.

You can even give your moms a surprise gift by having a flash mob and dancing for them. Meet with the siblings before mother’s day and plan a dance to entertain your mom. Seeing them laugh and smile is a great gift, right?

3. Plan Games

Planning online games after dinner can be a great way to enjoy each other’s (online) presence this mother’s day.

Game ideas for video calls can be “guess the word”, charades, even online board and word games through messaging apps are possible. You can still talk and see each other while playing. You can try WeChat for this idea.

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4. Decorate

decorate | how to throw a party

Yes, even if there will be no guests coming physically, make the video conference look more festive by decorating your dining room. Put up a “Happy Mother’s Day” banner as a background for your video call. I’m sure your mom will appreciate it a lot.

5. Maybe a Watch Party?

watch party | how to throw a party

My mom and I love to watch movies together. Before the pandemic started, we’d see each other once a week to go to the cinemas and watch movies together. We love to watch comedies and just laugh out loud and enjoy each other’s company.

If you and your mom or your daughter (if you’re a mom) do this together as well, you can try a watch party. Some messaging apps like Discord or Facebook allow video streaming while you are still both on camera and still hear each other.

The whole family can enjoy it as well.

6. Cook the Meal “Together”

cook the meal together | how to throw a party

Even if you have a big family and everyone is at their own homes, try to cook a meal “together” by sharing the same recipe so that when the online party comes, everyone will be eating the same meal.

A delicious and hearty meal everyone can enjoy is a crockpot lemon and garlic chicken. That’s what my family had on mother’s day last year and it was really delicious.

Watch this video from Techboomers and learn how to throw a party through Facebook:

Inviting guests over physically can be very dangerous these days because of the pandemic. With mother’s day coming, moments like these wouldn’t have to be hard. You may not be with your mom physically, but with these ideas, I’m sure you’ll still feel you’re with your loved ones.

With the help of a messaging app and a few preparations, learning how to throw a party can never be this easy and fun. Save the hugs and kisses until this crisis is over.

How will you celebrate mother’s day this year? Share your party ideas in the comment section below!


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