Grab This 64 GB USB Flash Drive 5-Pack For Only $20 And Backup Those Photos

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An awesome flash drive is on sale today, but it’s not just one that comes with the purchase, but five. The Micro Center SuperSpeed 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive 5-Pack is down from $37.49 to $19.99 today, which is a hefty 47% off. When broken down per flash drive, that makes each one a mere $4, which is an easy price to pay for people who need a little more storage in their life in situations where the best MicroSD cards aren’t going to work.

These flash drives are all 64GB apiece, which is a good amount of memory for the price, and ideal for making backups of beloved family photos, or just keeping more work files stored away to make life easier when moving between working from home and working in an office. Each one has speeds of up to 100MB/s too, which makes them easy to use, and means less waiting around than some other options.

They’re durable and small too, which means they can be kept in bags or work clothes with no issue, and there are fewer worries if they’re dropped. At this price point, they rival the best USB drives when it comes to sheer value. Whether it’s for professional or personal use, these flash drives will get the job done, and most bank accounts won’t mind the expense either.

This 64 GB USB Flash Drive 5-Pack Is Only $20, So Backup Those Photos

Micro Center SuperSpeed 5 Pack 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

The only thing better than one reliable flash drive is five of them, especially at this price. These flash drives each have a 64GB capacity, making them exceptional for storing images or work documents, have a decent transfer speed of up to 100MB/s, and are small too, making them easy to keep in a handbag, work pocket, or anywhere else convenient. They’re made form hard plastic too, so they’ve got a bit more durability.

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