Gingerbread Color by Sight Word

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This gingerbread color by sight word activity is the perfect addition to your December literacy centers and word work time!

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Getting Ready

Prepping the sight word activity was super quick!

I just printed a sheet for each student and then grabbed some crayons. (Colored pencils or markers would work well too.)

Gingerbread Color by Sight Word

For this sight word activity, the first thing we did was look at the key at the top of the page.

Students read each word and then colored the box to match the key: “made” was red, “these” was brown, etc.

It was finally time to color!

The students chose which section they wanted to color first.

They read the word, looked at the key to figure out what color the section should be and then used their coloring utensil to color the section.

Some of my kids like to find all of the words for a certain color and make a little mark in the space first. It was a great technique for children who like to plan ahead.

Students continued choosing sections, reading the words and coloring the sections until the whole thing was colored.  It was a great sight word activity and best of all – didn’t use flash cards!

Grab Your Set

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