Get the most out of the Kodak Mini Shot with these accessories

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The Kodak Mini Shot is a gorgeous, pocketable instant camera. With a 10-megapixel sensor, built-in flash, and adjustable settings, Kodak's Mini Shot is one of the most well-rounded instant cameras on the market. Of course, no camera is complete without a few needed accessories. Here are some of our top-rated picks.

You can never have enough film

Kodak Photo Printer Cartridge (20-pack)

Staff Pick

The best thing about the Kodak Mini Shot is the ability to print photos instantly. Stock up on paper, so it's always on hand and at the ready. This 20-pack of paper from Kodak prints out high-quality images. Colors are vibrant, and black and white pics look as vintage as can be. Kodak paper has fade-proof properties and a no-hassle installation process. Grab some now and tuck it in your camera bag.

$12 at Amazon $15 at Kodak $12 at B&H

A travel case

Fintie Carry Case

The hard EVA shell of Fintie's camera case protects your delicate camera lens from scratches and abrasions. A built-in elastic strap fits over the top of your Kodak Mini Shot, holding the camera in place while you move around. The shockproof design and interior padding give your camera the ultimate protection against drops and dings. An inside pocket is big enough to store charging cables, memory cards, or extra film. The Fintie case is perfect for days out on the town, travels, or hiking.

$10 at Amazon $9 at Fintie

A long charging cable

Anker 10-foot Nylon Braided Micro-USB to USB

Anker's 10-foot braided USB cable is a convenient way to keep your Kodak Mini Shot juiced up. The extra-long reach of this cable makes it super convenient to use anywhere, including your car. And the braided design means it will never rip or split due to temperature extremes. Grab this durable, tangle-resistant cable and keep your Kodak Mini Shot charged up wherever you go.

$8 at Amazon $16 at Newegg

Keep memories close

Kodak Cloth Covered Scrapbook

Kodak's small cloth-covered scrapbook is a beautiful way to store memories and snapshots. There are ten pages inside for storing photos. Pages can be decorated with markers, stickers, and personal notes. Create your own masterpiece for preserving memories or sharing photos with others with this cute little album direct from Kodak.

$25 at Amazon

Add a personal touch to photos

Kodak Twin Tip Markers

Add a unique touch to photos with Kodak Twin Tip Markers. They're non-toxic, never smudge, and won't fade with time. You'll get 12 beautiful, bright color markers in this set. One end of the pen has a fine tip and the other a chisel tip. Kodak Twin Tip Markers are perfect for adding notes to photos, scrapbooking, or writing in photo albums.

$15 at Amazon $15 at Walmart

Keep the lens clean


When your camera's lens is smudged with fingerprints or darkened by dust, photos aren't as crisp and bright as they should be. The LENSPEN is a dual-sided lens cleaning tool. One end brushes dust and debris from your camera lens, and the other wipes away grease and fingerprints. The tiny LENSPEN is small enough to tuck in your pocket or camera bag.

$10 at Amazon $10 at B&H

Final thoughts

The Kodak Mini Shot is a sweet little instant camera that's a joy for all ages. It's fun to use, and prints are simply stunning. When considering accessories, start with ones you'll need, like paper. This 20-pack of Kodak Mini Shot Paper is inexpensive and easy to install.

You'll need a case to protect your investment. The Fintie Carry Case has a hard EVA shell, is shockproof, and comes with a removable wriststrap. Keep your camera lens clean with the LENSPEN. This little tool packs away in a camera bag and can sweep dust off your camera's lens and remove fingerprints in seconds.

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