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JENN McKINLAY: One of the 2020 spring cancelations we're feeling most keenly at my house is the postponement of : 


Usually, FCBD happens on the first Saturday in May and our visit to our local comic book store: Samurai Comicsto snag our free comic book and shop 'til we drop, is marked on the calendar early in the year to save the date. It's considered a legit holiday in our house! Its postponement got me to thinking about comic books and why I love them. So, here's my nod to comic books! Please chime in and tell me your faves!

When did my love of comics begin? I was eight or nine and, while on an interminable driving vacation with the fam, my older brother hooked me up with my gateway drug comic book: The Amazing Spider-Man. It was awesome. We spent the entire trip driving across the country, reading and rereading the stash of comic books that he brought and, of course, acting out our favorite bits around the campfire where ever our RV parked for the night.  

What was the appeal of Spider-Man for an eight year old girl? The dude could sling webs! He was a teenager! He helped people! And, for me personally, he was hilarious! Spider-Man, in my humble opinion, is the quippiest of all the comic book heroes and I'm quite certain I learned my love of dialogue and humor from him. Take that college writing professors!


As a child who read every Spider-Man and then X-Men comic book that came along, FCBD has long been one of my favorite days to share with my dudes, even now that they're taller than me and read comics that I don't! One of them is a Deadpool guy, the other rocks the Flash, and the Hub is partial to Batman. 

We are such a comic book family, this was our family holiday card a few years ago: 

         And, yes, I chose Wonder Woman because I felt the need to        
         represent a female superhero, besides, who doesn't love      
         Wonder Woman? 

When I worked as a youth services librarian, comic books and graphic novels were some of the most popular items for our teens. 
My own love of comics gave me the ability to talk to these displaced kids who really didn't have anyone else to talk to about comics, school, and life. For that alone, I am ever grateful for artists and writers who create the comics I love so well.

Library Outreach in the park with Batman!
So, tell me, Reds and Readers (I'm looking at you, Jay) what do comic books mean to you? Are you a reader or have readers in your life? What is your favorite superhero (and, yes, I'll forgive you if your only knowledge comes from Marvel movies).

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