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1. I got a free Christmas candle carousel

When I was a kid, my mom had one of those little metal Christmas carousels..the type that spin around when you light the candles.

I was fascinated by it as a kid, and when I saw an ad this year, I was reminded that I have always kinda wanted to own one of these myself.

So, I did some poking around online, and found this wooden one on Amazon I liked.

christmas candle carousel.

Then during checkout, they offered that I could sign up for an Amazon Prime credit card and get a $100 Amazon credit immediately.

So that’s what I did.

My $100 credit was more than enough to cover the carousel plus 12 candles.

And now I have a decoration that I really, really love.

candle carousel.

2. I ordered some gloves on eBay for Zoe

You know how steering wheels basically turn to ice in the winter? Well, now that Zoe’s driving, she needed some thin gloves.

She tried mine on and gave them a thumbs up, and so then I hopped onto eBay and found a brand new pair.


north face driving gloves.

3. I got a free space heater

Zoe’s bedroom is on the lower level of our house, so it gets a little cold down there sometimes.

I thought a little electric heater would help her a lot, and amazingly, someone offered one on my Buy Nothing group just a few days later.


So now Zoe’s not gonna be chilly during the winter months.

4. I bought some last-chance American Giant shirts

When I was putting together the flash sale post over the weekend, I noticed that some of their shirts (in summer colors) were marked down. 

Soo, I ordered a few for myself. I’m most excited about the v-neck tee, which I got in the rose color.

V-neck tee:

Kristen in a blue tshirt.

but in this color:

Kristen in a pink t-shirt.

5. I…

  • got a bag of sugar for $0.99 at Safeway
  • bought three bags of Starbucks coffee to get the $6.99 price
  • kept on drinking coffee at home
  • spent all my free time studying (which equals no spending. Ha.)

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to? 

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