Farm Math Games Perfect for Preschoolers

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These farm math games are a perfect addition to your barnyard activities! Enjoy them with your preschool class, and don’t miss our full list of activities for a preschool farm theme.

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two farm math games for preschoolers one with a pig and one with a duck

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My preschoolers love any game that involves dice, so we play a lot of them. There’s just something about rolling a die that gets the kids excited!

It’s fun to take that interest and attach it to themed learning games like these. The children get to have a blast tossing dice around as they practice early math concepts.

Farm Math Games

Pairing these animal math games with a preschool farm theme is a no-brainer! Here are not just one, but two farm-themed math games that your kids will love.

Put the Mud on the Pig Game

This first of the farm-themed preschool math games is called “put the mud on the pig”. Having a silly name apparently makes it even more fun for the kiddos to play!

a printable pig dice game with the text put the mud on the pig

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Pig Math Game Materials

For durability, I’d suggest laminating the game boards after printing. You can also place the game in a dry erase pocket. If durability isn’t a concern, then skip that part. I printed enough that each kid in the class could have their own, if they wanted.

How to Play the Pig Dice Game

The first time around, we kept the dice game pretty simple. Most of the kiddos played the game with a friend, although a few chose to play on their own. Each student started with the same number of brown Unifix cubes. They rolled the die, then placed the appropriate number of cubes on the pig (so if I rolled a 5, I’d place 5 cubes on the pig). Then the other student took their turn. Whoever got rid of their “muddy” cubes first won the game.

one of our favorite farm math games a printable dice game for a farm theme next to a die and brown cubes

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This preschool math activity can be changed up depending on the kids who are playing it. To encourage number recognition, write numbers on the pig play mats. When the child rolls the die, she has to place a cube on the correct number. The kiddos could also use dice that have numbers on them, rather than dots.

Alternately, let the students use two dice while playing the farm math games. They can roll both at the same time, then count/add how many dots they have all together. That final number determines how many cubes get placed on the pig. Once again, the kids could use dice with numbers instead of dots. This would help with learning addition facts.

If playing by themselves, kids can use a brown dot marker instead of Unifix cubes to put the mud on the pig. For each number they roll on the die, they make that number of muddy dots on the pig. If using a marker, I would leave the pig printables unlaminated.

a printable pig dice game next to a die showing the number three and a brown dot marker

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Duck Printable Dice Game

Another of the favorite farm math games is this printable duck game! It uses dice, like the pig game, but is a roll and color game.

Materials for the Duck Game

  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Dice
  • Duck play mat – grab the free printable below!

Duck Dice Game Directions

This game is meant for two students to play together. Player 1 rolls the die, and then colors in one of the appropriate numbers on the duck using “their” color. Player 2 takes her turn and does the same, using a different color.

Players go back and forth until all of the numbers are colored in. At that point, they count the colored numbers. Whoever colored in the most numbers is the winner.

one of our favorite farm math games a printable duck dice game

It is inevitable that before the game is over, a player will roll a number and there won’t be any of that number left uncolored. Classroom rules are that they lose that turn. I tend to teach this in a funny way, exaggeratedly snapping my fingers and saying, “maybe next time!” in a silly voice. You could make it as silly as you want to, like making the student quack like a duck if they can’t color a number. This takes away the sting of not being able to cover up a number on that turn.

The game is easily played with just one person, too. Kids are often very happy to roll a die and cover up numbers all on their own. I’ve known kids to play the dice game on their own over and over (and over!) again.

a printable duck dice game on a farm background with the text duck printable dice game for preschool

What the Kids are Learning as The Play the Farm Dice Games

As with most activities I share, there’s a lot of learning involved. Here are some concepts the children learned with these farm math games:

  • Counting
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Taking turns
  • Being a graceful winner/loser
  • Numeral recognition

That’s not an exhaustive list of course! Do your students enjoy dice games like these? What are some of their favorite math games?

More Pig Activities for Preschool

If your kids are squealing for more pig activities, I’ve got you covered! These are perfect for a farm theme, or for pairing with the classic story The Three Little Pigs.

seven pig-themed preschool activities in a collage

More Preschool Duck Activities

There are also some amazing hands-on duck activities out there! Enjoy these duck arts and crafts, duck sensory play, duck literacy and math activities, and more.

seven duck-themed activities for preschool in a collage

Free Printable Farm Math Games

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a printable pig game with brown unifix cubes on a farm background with the text put the mud on the pig game

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