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Are you planning a butterfly unit? Spring is a perfect time to explore butterflies and we have another new butterfly printable for you!

Did you catch our recent posts featuring fun new butterfly resources?

Today we have some awesome FREE Butterfly Calendar Connection Cards featuring 31 different butterflies!

What are Calendar Connections Cards?

Calendar Connections are a great way to focus on a particular theme one month at a time. Each day of the month, as you add the number to your calendar, read one new fact together!

Calendar Connections are a great way to involve your entire family in exploring a particular theme.

Little prep for you but loads of learning for your family!

How Do I Use Calendar Connections Cards?

These cards print front to back, with the butterfly image on the front and the text info on the back. Print the pages and then laminate them to create durable cards for your calendar. They fit perfectly into a calendar like this one found on Amazon. But you could also display them in a pocket chart like this one.

All About Butterfly Calendar Connections Cards

You’ll find 31 beautiful butterflies featured in this set. Each card features a photo of the butterfly in nature with the name on the front. On the back of the card you’ll find simple information about each butterfly including the following:

  • Scientific Name of Butterfly
  • Butterfly Family
  • Where the Butterfly is Found


  1. Monarch
  2. Painted Lady
  3. Mourning Cloak
  4. Paper Kite
  5. Fritillary
  6. Arctic Skipper
  7. Large Skipper
  8. Peck’s Skipper
  9. Grizzled Skipper
  10. Long-Tailed Skipper
  11. Green Hairstreak
  12. Atala
  13. American Copper
  14. Adonis Blue
  15. Silver Studded Blue
  16. Giant Swallowtail
  17. Tiger Swallowtail
  18. Pipevine Swallowtail
  19. Black Swallowtail
  20. Zebra Swallowtail
  21. Orange Tip
  22. Orange Sulphur
  23. Dappled White
  24. Cloudless Sulphur
  25. Cabbage White
  26. Duke of Burgundy
  27. Blue Metalmark
  28. Red-bordered Pixie
  29. Banner Metalmark
  30. Punchinello
  31. Rounded Metalmark

How to Get This Printable

If you will be planning a butterfly unit study, I recommend grabbing our Busy Family Bundle featuring butterflies! You’ll find all of our butterfly content in one ad-free webpage with simple download buttons. This is a major time-saver for busy families and helps you plan a unit study without wasting your valuable time searching online.

Many of the butterfly products included in the bundle have not been released on my blog yet, so at this time you will get early access also! Products already released are linked below, the others are only available in the bundle currently.

Butterfly Busy Family Bundle Includes:

Yup, if I create a new butterfly printable, I will add it to the private webpage!

Just want the free Butterfly Calendar Connection Cards? Click here to visit our Calendar Connections webpage and scroll down until you see the butterfly graphic {shown below} then click on the word DOWNLOAD to be taken to the free printable!

More Butterfly Resources

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