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The job of a camera bag is something of a delicate balancing act. A bag needs to be secure enough to take care of your expensive DSLR or mirrorless camera, but accessible enough to allow you to quickly grab the camera to capture a shot. It has to be big enough to accommodate all of your essential camera accessories such as your best tripod or varying lenses, but compact enough to go wherever you go. It’s no mean feat, which is why a good camera bag is worth searching for.

A good way to find the right bag for you is to search by the type of camera you have. DSLRs are bigger than point-and-shoots, for example, so the right bag for these cameras will vary considerably. Even among photographers that use the exact same camera, there will be great variation in the types of lenses and accessories used. That’s why many camera bags have modular padding that can be arranged to fit whatever a given photographer considers their essentials.

In addition to camera bags, the best camera backpacks are always an effortless two-strap option to consider. These make for excellent picks if you like to take your equipment on hikes or long walks.

To help you out, we searched the web and have picked a few bags that suit different kinds of cameras. Check out all of our top options below.


1. Amazon Basics Large DSLR Gadget Bag

This bag is designed to be one of the easiest to carry camera bags you can buy. It has a modular compartment divider for storing the camera and up to 3 lenses, plus several pockets for holding smart devices such as laptops and smartphones. There’s also a slot for holding a tripod which comes free with purchase.

Amazon Basics Large DSLR Gadget Bag

Buy: Amazon Basics Large DSLR Gadget Bag $46.48


2. CADeN Camera Backpack

Another option from CADeN? Don’t be so shocked, these guys are some of the best in the biz. Fit just about everything you need in a comfortable, compact camera backpack that you can just throw on your shoulders and go. It can fit a full DSLR, four lenses, a camera flash, a tablet and other accessories so nothing gets left behind. There are two exterior elastic mesh pockets that will also fit a water bottle and tripod on either side for your convenience.

CADeN Camera Backpack

Buy: CADeN Camera Backpack $32.99


3. Peak Design Everyday Sling

Transform your camera bag with a new way to carry by slingin’ it across your body with help from Peak Design. This minimalistic sling bag is perfect for packing with your everyday photo gear with enough space to hold a DSLR safely. Included in this sling bag, you’ll see spots to hold a small laptop or tablet and places for smaller camera man must-haves like lens caps and memory cards. The whole bag is 100% waterproof and uses antitheft properties to keep your items safe from robbery. Each bag is also recycled for a better Earth.

Peak Design Everyday Sling

Buy: Peak Design Everyday Sling $149.95


4. Case Logic DCB-304 Compact System/Hybrid Camera Case

If you need a bag for a smaller fixed-lens camera, rather than a DSLR, this compact and affordable bag may be the one for you. It has a main compartment and side pockets, and it can be carried over the shoulder, in the hand or even through a belt loop. Each case is made with high-quality materials to keep your devices safe with zippered pockets to keep smaller items such as lens caps, battery packs and hard drives.

Case Logic DCB-304 Compact System/Hybrid Camera Case

Buy: Case Logic DCB-304 Compact System/Hybrid Camera Case $13.04


5. Brevite Jumper Photo Compact Camera Backpack

We named the Brevite Jumper one of our best camera backpacks, so it was a no-brainer that we included it here as one of the best camera bags. This game-changing bag is a small, compact entity that somehow fits it all. From your lens to your body to your laptop to your tripod, Brevite ensures that there’s room for anything and everything in this pack. Included are many customizable compartments that you can move around depending on what it is you’re bringing. Each bag is TSA-approved for bringing on the airplane and semi-discrete in terms of how most camera backpacks look. Meaning, no one will know how much precious cargo you’ve got inside!

Brevite Jumper Photo Compact Camera Backpack

Buy: Brevite Jumper Photo Compact Camera Backpack $149.99


6. Vanguard Supreme Divider Insert Bag

So, you’re going out for a day of shooting and insist on bringing every single lens you own. Fine, if you can figure out a way to get them all to and from safely. Thankfully, with the Vanguard Supreme Divider Insert Bag, you’ll have no problem bringing all of your precious lenses. This camera bag can hold two whole DSLR cameras and up to seven lenses total for a maximized haul. Interior walls are padded for safekeeping and there are mesh pockets included for holding smaller items. Hold to carry with a top-handle and get every piece of camera equipment to where it needs to be without hassle.

Vanguard Supreme Divider Insert Bag

Buy: Vanguard Supreme Divider Insert Bag $74.99


7. CADeN Camera Bag Sling Backpack

This sling-back style bag has a unique triangular design, which isn’t just an aesthetic choice. The sides of the triangle nearest the strap are pockets, so it’s easy to separate the camera from the lenses. Despite the compact design, there are plenty of pockets, including small pouches for things like memory cards. There’s even a quick camera snagging spot for those last-minute, quick-snap moments.

CADeN Camera Bag Sling Backpack

Buy: CADeN Camera Bag Sling Backpack $49.99


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