Aquarius zodiac sign: Personality traits, compatibility and more

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Ruling Planet: Saturn and Uranus (Rahu according to some schools of thought)
Energy Polarity: Yang/Masculine
Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Anatomy: Shins and Ankles
Metal: : Uranium
Gemstone: Garnet and Amethyst
Colour: Electric Blues and Neon Tones

The dawning of the age of Aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarius is a bit of an odd duck, and they’re kind of proud about it. You see, most signs are ruled by one planet, while a few special ones are ruled by two – Aquarius is ruled by three. Granted, Rahu isn’t really a planet – it’s more a mathematical point used to calculate eclipses – but it does indeed help Aquarius have that cool unassuming glamour that would make even Leo and Libra burn with envy.

Rahu also makes Aquarius a rebel. Granted, sometimes it may seem like they’re being rebellious for the sake of it, but that’s only because Aquarius marches to the beat of their own drum. It’s not their fault that their drum has a different rhythm than the rest of the world.

Saturn, however, makes them incredibly rigid in their ways. Some might say they have peculiar ethics that they refuse to compromise over. Some might even consider those ethics quite questionable. However, you can’t start a revolution by being a conformist. This is why, Aquarius zodiac sign is often linked with beatniks, hippies, drifters, hipsters, and even dictators and communists – high on ideals, but somewhere along the line – they all become quintessential cult-leaders.

Though, you might meet an Aquarius who’s shy and reserved. Don’t be fooled. They just can’t handle human emotions, and thus get major headaches whenever they’re around people who are emotionally volatile. They can’t handle drama, and often wish people would be ruled by logic and calm thoughts instead of complex emotions. Thus, many an Aquarius would often wish they could be like Joaquin Phoenix’s character in the movie ‘Her’ – falling in love with an AI device.

At first, you might think they’re chaotic beings that have their heads firmly in the clouds. However, with patience, you’ll realise that there is a method to their madness. Many may even experiment with new age philosophies and can also be master manifesters. Don’t be surprised if you find books on witchcraft, law-of-attraction, yogic mysticism, or even dystopian fiction in their bookshelves.

Then again, they are also co-ruled by Uranus – which kinda makes them full of – well, you get the picture. However, Uranus also gives them flashes of genius, as well as a strange ability to predict future trends. This is why, they’re always ahead of the curb. They are, after all, the kings and queens of ‘niche’.

Aquarius, however, is intensely private. You may not see it at first, but that’s because they are masters of creating smokescreens around themselves. Being an air sign, like Gemini and Libra, they are capable of being the life of a party and can chat your ear off – if they deem you smart enough to ‘get them’. However, they also have an incredibly rich inner-life, and a vivid imagination, which allows them to enjoy the pleasure of their own company more than even a Capricorn.

However, Aquarius is a big humanitarian. You’ll see them championing many causes that are all about uplifting humanity. But remember, Aquarius loves humanity – they just aren’t a fan of most humans.

Love, whatever that is!

It’s not that Aquarius zodiac sign doesn’t believe in love. They might surprise you by reciting a Shakespearean sonnet or even the poetry of Rumi with all the ardent fervour. However, Aquarius is essentially a logically driven sign, and they take a perverse thrill in bursting bubbles rather than blowing them.

Aquarius loves the idea of friendship leading to love. After all, how can you build anything serious with someone if you can’t even be friendly with them. Instead of wining and dining, they’d rather go for a walk – or even better, a trek in the woods or mountains – and oscillate between intense discussions, as well as, enjoying the feeling of comfort during moments of silence. Many will often create a secret language filled with inside jokes – just for the two of you!

Many Aquarians are often neglected children, who had to find ways to keep themselves entertained. Mostly, they’re the peacemakers in the family. True, they’re often the black sheep as well – but they kinda have a borderline perverse thrill about it.

Aquarius can be strangely loyal in many ways. Rare are they prone to cheat – however, they wouldn’t hesitate to be in polyamorous or ‘open relationships’. After all, they don’t really care about sex the way most people do. To them, as long as you both are coming home to each other at the end of the day, everything else is pretty cool. They demand more ‘freedom’ than their partner.

When it comes to sex, Aquarius zodiac sign is extremely kinky. They love their fetishes and wouldn’t hesitate ‘accessorising’ your sex life. You’ll be surprised how many Aquarius are closeted kink-meisters. Aquarius loves to research about sex and sexuality. Their search history might frighten most people. You must understand though, a lot of it is fuelled not by perversion – but scientific curiosity. Remember, they are astrological ‘mad scientists’ – they can’t help but be ‘experimental’.

Plus, Aquarius rarely must ever ‘try hard’. Their cool unassuming glamour makes them strangely attractive to many people. They find people throwing themselves at them. In fact, they prefer partners who are more sexually forward, because they couldn’t be bothered with playing flirtation games.

However, remember, Aquarius is a ‘fixed’ sign. Contrary to how ‘open-minded’ they may be, they are strangely rigid about oh so many things. You’ll often find them using passive means of controlling and manipulating you. You’ll be the one doing all the ‘compromising’, and they’ll do a good job of convincing you that doing so is for your own betterment.

They love their friends. Many a times, your dates may even end up becoming ‘group hangs’. Their friends, however, are odd and incredibly strange. But dare say a word against them, and they’ll fly into an uncharacteristic fit of rage. They are loyalists and place a very high value on friendships. Yet, at the same time, they’ll be oddly detached from everyone of their friends. In fact, you may even discover a strange sense of detachment from you too. However, for an Aquarius, it’s all about maintaining healthy boundaries.

However, one thing you can be assured is that life will never be boring with an Aquarius. For all their kinks and quirks, you’ll discover your horizons being broadened with them. They don’t care about perfection – and might find all the things you do not like about yourself, incredibly beautiful. If they truly love you – they accept you completely – warts and all! The best way to their heart is to be your true unapologetic self. They wouldn’t want you any other way!

Aquarius Compatibility

  • Best Lovers: Gemini & Libra
  • Best Friends: Aries & Sagittarius
  • Polar Opposite, yet strangely similar: Leo
  • Red Flags: Taurus & Scorpio
  • Mysterious Wild-Cards: Cancer & Virgo

Aquarius Careers:

Aquarius can only thrive when they truly love what they do and believe what they are doing is of the utmost importance. More importantly, what they do, needs to stimulate their intelligence, as well as must have some aspect of ‘service of the greater good’. They need to know that the work they do is helping themselves, as well as those around them grow and evolve.

Haters of convention, Aquarius is often drawn to careers with flexible workhours, that allows them to be comfortable in their skin. Even if they’re in conservative corporate offices with a strict dress-code – they’ll add a colourful bowtie, a shocking scarf, or flash the odd piercing. Many may even sport a tattoo as a big F-U to the establishment. Though, they’d rather be dressed like a bohemian and sport fun accessories.

Just look at Harry Styles – who has become a sex symbol of the GenZ era by abandoning traditional symbols of masculinity and play around with androgynous styles.

Many often prefer working alone but would never be bogged down with the details. They’re big-picture people, yet at the same time, they do things their way, and if they meet any kind of resistance – well, you’ve been forewarned.

As emotionally detached as they tend to be, they are strangely rigid about their work-habits. When most are typing things out, they would rather write on paper and practice their penmanship.

However, no matter what they do, they will break barriers and pave the way for people to follow in their footsteps. Like Oprah Winfrey, who became the first woman of colour to conquer American Daytime TV, and introduce the world to revolutionary ideas, and even encourage people to uplift themselves. Then there are Aquarius style icons like Farah Fawcett and Jennifer Aniston, who got the whole world to copy their hairstyles.

However, remember, all Aquarians have the abandonment issues of the neglected child, and thus, if they feel they aren’t helping to make the world a better place, they’ll never be interested.

Jennifer Aniston
Image: Courtesy jenniferaniston/Instagram

Here’s a brief list of careers best suited for Aquarius zodiac sign:

Humanitarians, Non-Profit, NGO’s, Stylists, Fashion Designers, Trend Forecasters, Scientists, Researchers, Inventors, Engineers (especially electric and software), Coders, Environmentalist, Human Rights Activists, Animal Rights Activists, Life Coaches, Therapists, Analysts, Neurobiologists, Linguists, Teachers, Tutors, Professors, Photographers, Content Writers, Technical Writers, HR Managers, Organisational Psychologists, Product Managers, Quality Inspectors, Energy Healers (Reiki, Pranic Healing, QiGong etc), Nutritionists, Doctors, Investment Bankers, Venture Capitalists, Artists, Photographers, Commune Leaders, Yoga Teachers, Body Workers, etc.

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