All Experience Is Value

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You’ll find almost all adults complaining.

We are all complaining these days. The weather could be warmer. The sea could be calmer and the sun a little colder. We are mostly complaining right now about everything. Guilty about something that happened in our lives, wishing it away. Consistently, trying to change the past.

I have been through several things like I imagine you have. Some were good, others horrible, and sometimes dull things relative to me. Sometimes, I wish I had never done some of them. I think if I had changed a detail in my past, that change might have bettered my life. Maybe I would be further ahead in life.

All these moments come and go, sometimes staying longer than intended. Sometimes just a flash in the eye. We comfort ourselves in the best way we know how and cling to the things that make us feel worthy. But all that behind us is experience.

Experience is our active presence in our surroundings.

It is a unique stored piece of data in us, about us, and for us. Experience is the stamp, the footprint of us each moment in time.

That experience is impactful when we choose to participate in the present. Purposefully deciding to partake at the moment honestly leaves a deeper print of us.

Relative to how we view each experience, whether bad, good, exciting, or boring; that data in time is value. Everything we have gone through is valuable to us and our lives. We do not realize it and shrug it away as mere moments. But if we decide to look at our lives from that angle. If we look at our experiences as precious moments to live, we realize the beauty of life.

At the moments we pass through, there’s so much to see. Experiences shape us by how we decide to perceive them. They are valuable, and if we see them like that, then so is every moment we are. Because we will treat it as such, and our lives will be valuable too and stay that way.

Treasure your experiences. There is value there.


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