9 Crello Templates for Impressive Instagram Posts

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Do you want to post an artistic, well-designed, and appealing graphic on your Instagram? Crello templates are here to help!

Creating picture-perfect posts for Instagram can be tricky, especially if you don't have a design background. But luckily many online graphic designing apps like Crello offer ready-to-use templates for Instagram posts.

In this article, you’ll find some top picks of Crello Instagram post templates that can help you get noticed.

1. Photos Combined With Graphic Elements

Many veteran graphic designers choose to combine graphical elements and photos in one frame. It's a fresh approach for creative Instagram posts.

The template on display is a perfect example of the amalgamation of real-life images and graphical elements. You can fit yourself in it by removing the stock photo face and replacing that with your portrait.

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You can create a white backdrop behind your face by using the Remove Background feature on Crello. Edit the text to express your thoughts of the moment. Download the image and post it on Instagram to catch the eyes of your followers.

2. Inspirational Quotes

Instagram users continue to love inspirational quotes. However, if you put a few lines on a white background, your followers will likely find it boring. You might want to embrace something different.

The idea is to create contrast either by using colorful graphics or shapes. There are a lot of templates on Crello for posting quotes for your Instagram followers. These templates offer different moods that fit with the quote.

The template that you see above is ideal to share quotes. Edit the text with the quote you want to share and download the image to use as an Instagram post.

3. Quizzes or Bingo Cards

Bingo boards are a trending Story or post idea to use on Instagram. You can create a chain reaction of interesting activities by posting a bingo card and tagging a friend or follower.

Similarly, quizzes are also getting attention on Instagram. If you want to express emotion, get opinions on choosing a product, or get book suggestions, you can post quizzes to stay connected with your friends.

You can edit the bingo template displayed above to create your own. For creative quizzes, you can use the "What movie" template from the Crello Instagram Story section.

4. Creative Playlist Sharing

Instagram users enjoy music on the go. Sharing a curated playlist of songs that you like or that are trending should energize your followers to share and like your posts.

Instead of simply sharing the names of the songs, use a creative background to express your mood or emotion. You can also share your videos or photos with a song title to flaunt your creativity.

Choose any template for sharing playlists from Crello or use the one on display. Edit the template with a few clicks. Download the content to post it on your Instagram profile.

5. Announcing New Posts in Stories

People like suspense and dramatic events. You can also spice up your Instagram Stories with new post announcements to attract more eyeballs. Don’t just post images of big events in your life but create a little bit of suspense among your followers and friends.

Crello's Instagram Stories template library has many templates for announcing new posts or upcoming events in your life. By using the drag-and-drop editing function, you can effortlessly turn these templates into personalized Instagram Stories.

Your followers will definitely like your creative idea and might just come to you for suggestions.

6. Bordered Photos for a Stylish Look

You can customize a group of images to give them a distinctive look. It’ll showcase your creativity in organizing different photos from events in your Instagram account.

Instead of applying mediocre image filters, you can apply borders to the images. Use similar borders for all the photos from one event but different temperatures and colors. If you think it sounds complex, Crello Instagram templates can make it easier for you.

You can choose any template from Crello or use the one shown above. You can replace the stock photo with your own and download the post. Repeat the same steps for all of your posts to create a unique feed that radiates the vibe.

7. Film Reel Posts

Another way of creating engaging posts for Instagram followers is to apply the retro look to your posts. Do this at specific intervals so as not to bore your friends. You can think of multiple approaches like the application of sepia tone, polaroid effect, or a film reel look.

The template on display is an ideal choice as an Instagram post if you want to show off your fashion ideas. Replace the stock photo to customize the template. You can further edit the content by applying cool filters.

8. Instagram-Style Collages

Collages are the perfect format to showcase multiple photos of one event or mood. However, a post on Instagram may not fetch the desired shares and likes if you use common collage styles.

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Instead, you can opt for more unique collage ideas from Crello. The Crello templates library has hundreds of cool collage designs that you can customize in a few minutes.

Moreover, you can make multiple collages within ten minutes through drag-and-drop editing.

9. Instagram Highlight Covers

Instagram users also know these as Story covers. These are the fancy-looking circular icons that hang out beneath your Instagram profile bio. Customized highlight covers will give you an edge over your friends because your account will look much more vibrant.

You’ll come across multiple creative highlight covers on Crello. These templates are a good fit for sharing fashion ideas, interior designs, wedding photos, and decor. You can choose any of them that catches your eyes and start customizing the template.

If you’re interested in sharing your fitness ideas, the template above will be a perfect fit. Edit the template to replace stock images with your own workout photos and download it as a highlight cover.

Effortless Instagram Posts in a Flash

These templates can save a lot of time while you’re creating Instagram posts. Many Instagram users regularly face the challenge of time shortages as they need to create new content constantly.

However, online graphic design tools like Crello help you post creative content in less time. Moreover, most of these online tools offer a basic free service, so they’re also not heavy on the pocket.

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