84 Valentine’s Day Design Fails That Probably Shouldn’t Have Been Approved (New Pics)

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Every year, people around the world pull out their wallets before the 14th of February to surprise their sweethearts with a gift.

Trying to capitalize on the celebration, businesses produce all sorts of products that are meant to catch the attention of potential buyers. But not all of these attempts are successful.

From chocolates and greeting cards to candles and underwear, we at Bored Panda collected some of the biggest Valentine's Day design fails to remind you to keep your eyes open when spending your hard-earned cash.

#1 Happy Valentine's Day

Image credits: BitterRaven

#2 Local Pharmacy Gets It On For The Valentine's Day Display

Image credits: BCurios

In 2021, Valentine's Day consumerism reached the second-highest point in spending in the holiday's history with a total of $23.9 billion, according to data released by the National Retail Federation (NRF).

The largest consumer spending on Valentine's Day goods calculated by NRF occurred in 2020, with a total of $27.4 billion. The upcoming 2023 celebration of the holiday is expected to be on par with the previous year's spending total. 

#3 The Before And After Of Valentine's Day

Image credits: tacticalapron

#4 The Flower Is Going Through The Dog's Bottom Jaw, This Is On A Valentine's Day Card

Image credits: bowthedragon

#5 My Girlfriend's Son Bought Us Candy For Valentine's Day. I'm Not Sure What Message He Is Trying To Convey

Image credits: numerouspuns

This brings us to another popular product for this time of the year. New data from the UK reveals searches for "sti kit" have already seen a 20% increase in the last month.

But despite this rise in proactivity, new research from Superdrug Online Doctor, a service that helps people discreetly order treatments online from UK-registered doctors, has discovered that 14% of Brits would never tell their partner about their STI status. 

Key takeaways from the research included: 

  • Over half (51%) said they’d want to know if their date had an STI but only 28% would tell their date if they did'
  • Searches for ‘sti home test’ have seen a 78% rise versus the monthly average'
  • 91% of Brits said an STI diagnosis would negatively impact their mental health, relationships, social life, love life, general confidence, or even their career.

#6 If Only There Was Another Letter That Was Shaped More Like A Heart In “Happy Valentine's Day” Other Than D

Image credits: frissy

#7 A Very Important Question

Image credits: randomppl110

#8 Valentine’s Day-Themed Meat

Image credits: rosesluglabs

The research comes from a recent survey of 2,000 sexually active adults, in the hope to break the taboo around STIs and help people openly discuss their experiences.

Superdrug Online Doctor's sexologist, Jess O'Reilly Ph.D., explained to Bored Panda in a statement how people can potentially approach the topic if needed:

"Talking about testing and STIs can be intimidating because of stigma and a general unease around sex. But talking about sex ought not to be awkward. If you’re comfortable enough to get naked and rub your bodies against one another, hopefully, you'll also cultivate a connection that allows you to talk about your desires, needs, boundaries, and expectations around safer sex - which includes STI testing."

#9 The Perfect Valentine's Sweet To Give To An Enemy

Image credits: ThatOtherGirlYouKnow

#10 My Cousin Didn’t Want Any Writing On Her Valentine's Cake So She Asked For “Just A Small Heart Please”

Image credits: tdbower

#11 The Heart Doesn't Fit Into The Pit

Image credits: pools2

#12 Provocative Heart Candles

Image credits: BeatPunchmeat

Talking about sex and STIs can be tricky, especially with someone who you are, or planning to be, intimate with. According to O'Reilly and another Superdrug Online Doctor's expert, Julia Kotziamani, who is a love, sex, and relationship educator, the key things to remember before such a discussion are:

  • Start the conversation early;
  • Get knowledgeable about STIs;
  • Be open and accepting;
  • Remove the shame;
  • Stay up to date with testing;
  • Remember the first time is the hardest;
  • Consider your partner’s discomfort with the topic;
  • Be prepared for their reaction.

#13 Sample Text On Valentine's Day Underwear

Image credits: MichalNemecek

#14 Let's Give This Mug A Pinky And Call It A Valentine's Gift. Genius

Image credits: kouks

#15 Subway Near Us Put Valentine’s Day Advert On Shared Sign

Image credits: WhiteLightYagami

#16 My Wife Is To My Right But My Valentine Is To My Left

Image credits: neoprenewedgie

If you're still unsure about what to get for your significant other, a new survey conducted by Kelton Global, found that the most desired gifts are:

  • a nice dinner at a restaurant (48%);
  • chocolates (34%);
  • flowers (31%);
  • an experience, such as a massage or concert (28%)
  • jewelry (25%);
  • a vacation (22%);
  • something handmade (17%);
  • electronics (14%).

Just make sure they're well-made! For more abominations, though, fire up our older article 35 Valentine’s Design Fails That Probably Shouldn’t Have Been Approved.

#17 This Suction Cup "Heart"

Image credits: hybridtheory1331

#18 I Tried To Make A Heart But My Neighbor Asked Me Why I Put The Devil In My Window

Image credits: roblewk

#19 Nothing Says Valentine's Day Like, I'm Going Kidnap You And Tie You With Duct Tape

Image credits: urbane_pudding

#20 This Candle Has Heart-Shaped Holes In Its Holder What Cause Any Melted Wax Made When The Candle Is Lit To Leak Out

Image credits: firerox1

#21 My Dad Wanted To Make Heart-Shaped Rose Cookies For Valentine's Day. Unsure If I Should Tell Him He Made Different-Looking Cookies

Image credits: always_tragic

#22 My Local Grocery Store Is Selling Heart-Shaped Cuts Of Meat For Valentine's Day

Image credits: Psylona

#23 My Stepsister Got A Card From Her Middle School On Valentine’s Day With An Unsolvable Maze On It

Image credits: cmarso001

#24 Valentine's Has Never Been More... Cute (Supposed To Say "Love Is In The Air" But I Read It As "Love Sin The I Air")

Image credits: 6TrashGremlin9

#25 Stocked The Valentine's Day Shelves, Boss

Image credits: TheMatt55

#26 Nothing Says “I Love You” On Valentine’s Day Like A Heart-Shaped Meatloaf

Image credits: doot-doot-1983

#27 Can’t Forget The Chocolate On Valentine's Day

Image credits: goodyboomboom

#28 We Had Quite A Windy Valentine’s Day

Image credits: darkprinceofanal

#29 These Heart-Shaped Balloons

Image credits: NunoFranciscoCardoso

#30 I’m Ready To Tell My Valentine How Much I Oove Him

Image credits: gettingbyonjoy

#31 To The Your Heart

Image credits: annaleiia

#32 This Valentine's Card Content Was Printed Upside Down

Image credits: raybancoolness

#33 Not What I Thought Would Be Delivered To My Valentine

Image credits: Supergoose1108

#34 Packaged The Valentine's Banner, Boss. This Is How It Came Out Of The Packaging. How Do They Get The Letters Facing The Right Way But Then Spell It Backwards And Not Realize

Image credits: JoeZMar

#35 Happy Valentine’s Day Higs For Everyone

Image credits: DarthBaio

#36 This Valentine's Decoration Looks Like It Says "Lone". Happy Valentine's Day

Image credits: Echocookie

#37 Was Going To Give My Mom A Valentine’s Day Balloon Because She Lives Alone But This Is What Came In The Mail

Image credits: muffinman1909

#38 This Valentine's Balloon Has A Printed Barcode Under The Barcode Sticker

Image credits: SirDonTheThird

#39 The Letters Go Outside Of The Heart

Image credits: savagebolts

#40 Happy Valentine's Day

Image credits: lsferraz

#41 Happy Vaenitnels Day

Image credits: WanderTroll1

#42 They Messed Up The Pun On My Daughter's Valentine's Day Card

Image credits: WinnipegDuke

#43 I'm Sorry, What Kind Of Valentines?

Image credits: GuillermoVanHelsing

#44 This Valentine's Sucker Has No Place To Actually Write The “To” Or “From” Because They Take Up The Entire Space

Image credits: Banananana123123

#45 When I Order Valentine's Day Cards Online For My Daughter's Preschool Class And Don't Look At Them Until The Night Before

Image credits: AmandaMarsh

#46 This Retro Valentine I Found In My Inheritance. I'm Still Not Sure What It's Trying To Say

Image credits: mysliceofthepie

#47 Truly Captivating Valentine's Day Socks

Image credits: AshenPack

#48 To The Moon Heart

Image credits: Sasquatch126

#49 How To Make A Husband/Boyfriend The Bad Guy On Valentine's Day

Image credits: asterst

#50 When You Try To Be Cute On Valentine’s Day. Expectation vs. Reality

Image credits: s.v.realtor

#51 My Fiancé Has A “Valentine’s Day Elf”. Looks To Me Like Santa Joined The Klan

Image credits: LatterTowel9403

#52 My Daughter Received This Valentine At School Today. It Came With A Ring Pop With Lips On It

Image credits: Not-NedFlanders

#53 This Valentine’s Day Card

Image credits: AcadianDyke

#54 Is That What I Think It Is? Found At CVS At The Half Price Of Valentine's Day Shelves

Image credits: KO_Stradivarius

#55 Everyone Knows You Gotta Get Your Girl Something Dumb For Valentine's Day

Image credits: Gorodish_

#56 Just Noticed This Sticker That My Grandma Sent Me For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 This Valentine's Day Decoration

Image credits: lagueraloca

#58 This Stuffed Animal My Mother Got For Valentine's Day

Image credits: PolluxCaesar

#59 Valentine's Day Card Printing Error From 2004

Image credits: mykeyisthedoorkey

#60 This Valentine's Day "Love" Banner

Image credits: Joe2pointOh

#61 When You Want To Send Your Valentine Mixed Messages

Image credits: TravistyTravis

#62 Found A Spelling Mistake On A Valentine's Card Stocked By A Major Supermarket

Image credits: Ermyeah

#63 Valentine’s Day. The Horror Movie

Image credits: EthanLeEthan

#64 Pistacchio Tree For My Girlfriend In San Valentine's

Image credits: Mataxp

#65 "All You Nee Dis Loe V" - A Lady Is Making/Selling These For Valentine's Day On A Local Buy/Sell/Trade Page

Image credits: HappyGirl252

#66 Shashta Soft Drinks (Which Still Exists!) Created This Magnificent Clusterfark Of Letters For Valentine's Day. Still Up On Their Webpage

Image credits: Cranialscrewtop

#67 Happy Day Valentine’s (Hanging Decoration At A Local Mall)

Image credits: emozzio

#68 These Were At Walmart. They're Called "Unicorn Flash". They Were In The Valentine's Day Toy Section

Image credits: sno0f

#69 The Ice Cream Cake I Ordered For Valentine’s Day Said “I Love You” But Some Of The Letters Fell Off During Transit

Image credits: mrbootsy

#70 These Valentine's Day Cards Come With A Cutout To Attach A Magnet On The Front, But Then The Magnet Blocks Half The Message

Image credits: lizardmcguire3

#71 The Gas Station I Work At Sells Donuts From A Local Donut Shop. Valentine's Came Early

Image credits: PickleHydra

#72 Spelling Valentine's Wrong For A Valentine's Card

Image credits: Kodieeeeey

#73 This Is A Part Of The Valentine's Display At My Grocery Store

Image credits: DunCass

#74 Target's Got Valentines For Kids Who Really Hate Their Classmates (Or Who Really Like Them?)

Image credits: Doctorpus_Octorpus

#75 A Valentine's Cat. I Think

Image credits: 12jonboy12

#76 Both The Blue And Red Packets Say True Blue Valentine

Image credits: Iguanabewithyou

#77 This Valentine's Day Card Is Missing The "Of" Before Love

Image credits: Lawlkitties

#78 Valentine's Day Lollipop Gone Wrong

Image credits: AniCal

#79 Don't Wait Until Valentine's Day To Build Relationship Healthys

Image credits: tortillaandcheese

#80 Local Thai Restaurant Using Uganda Knuckles For Valentine's Day Art

Image credits: bigaussie21

#81 The Best Gift You Could Reccieve This Valentine's Day

Image credits: Wankersaurus

#82 The Perfect Gift For Valentine's Day Colon Play?

Image credits: reddit.com

#83 Flyer For My Church's Upcoming Valentine's Dance

Image credits: dinobot100

#84 Dunkin Donuts Changed The Shape Of The Donuts To Hearts For Valentine’s Day But Also Made Them Smaller And Charged An Extra 10 Cents

Image credits: Dabicus_Finch

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