60 Of The Weirdest Experiences People Had At Others’ Homes That Could Make One Never Want To Leave Their Home Again

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Your house, your rules, and nobody dares to argue with that. Unless a stranger comes in and realizes the rules of the house are more than questionable.

Recently, a thread on Ask Reddit went viral with people sharing their stories in response to “What was your worst/weirdest experience at somebody else’s house?”

From weird mini chapels to loud screams, some things at a friend’s house are impossible to predict. If you had a similar experience at someone's home, share it with others in the comments below!


When I was 6 or 7 I went over to my friends house one afternoon after school to try out their new Playstation. They had JUST come out around then, and we werent very well off, so it was a big deal. His older brother comes in [16 or 17], takes the controller from me and sits down in front of me, blocking the TV. Not unusual, he was a prick. My buddy starts to yell at him, older brothers laughing, then his eyes roll back into his head, and he falls back into my lap, convulsing and foaming at the mouth having a seizure.

I froze. I couldn't do anything. I just stared down at his face in my lap, watching him die, or so I thought.

His mom runs in screaming and ushers us out while she calls 911. Obviously, I went home. My mom wouldn't let me go see my friend after that, I just wanted to make sure he was okay.

Couple weeks later, they moved back to Cali, i did get to say goodbye to my buddy, but i never saw him again. Found out later from my mom, his brother had actually OD'd.

Flash forward 20 years and I'm in therapy and an addict. I had completely forgotten about it. We were talking about my triggers, and I brought up how, for some reason, every time I play video games, I want to use. It all came flooding back to me, every detail of that day, his face, the room, the way the sun hit all of us, what I had for lunch that came up shortly after, even the game we were playing. Crash Bandicoot, which I hated with a seemingly irrational, seething, passion after that.

That horrifying experience actually saved my life. I never wanted my family to find me like that. Or hear my mom scream like that. Or see the look my friend gave him and me, from my own little brother's.

I'm 6 years sober this year, with a fiance, a house, a good job, furbabies, my very own Playstation, with Crash Bandicoot, and my own baby boy on the way ?

Miss you Nick. Hope the prick made it.


Went to a friend's house. We came in and somebody started yelling and swearing at him from another room. For no reason and impromptu. Scary , threatening and abusive sounding. It was his dad and the dad didn't realize I was there. The kid was cool about it, just kind of, maybe we should just go for a walk. It was how cool the kid was that unnerved me. Just his day to day.

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Stayed at my friend's house one time and found out her family only uses red light bulb in their house because an astrologer told them to do so.

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When I was 8 I slept over at a friends house. For dinner they had pancakes. Everyone ate together. After I put the syrup on my pancakes I was scolded by the dad for using too much syrup. I then noticed everyone at the table only put a tablespoon on their pancakes. After I ate the pancakes, they took my plate and tried to pour the unused syrup back into the container.

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I was harrased by a tortoise while on the toilet. In college, my friend and I wanted to go to a festival that happened to be just a few blocks away from my friend's parent's house, so they invited us to stay the night. My friend was into reptiles big time, and it turns out so were their parents. Almost every room in their house (except the kitchen) had a reptile enclosure in it.

I had to use the restroom after the drive from campus, so they told me I could use the one on the first floor. It was an older house, and for whatever reason, the bathroom was huge. I set up shop, only to notice one wall is completely taken up by a massive enclosure for their boa constrictor, and a bright blue kiddy pool sat at the far end of the bathroom. I was peeking in the constrictor enclosure, trying to spot her, when the kiddy pool began to move towards me with a repeated THUMP THUMP THUMP. I was mid-deposit, staring at this encroaching pool with increasing concern as it kept getting closer and closer.

With a final THUMP the pool was close enough I could see over the lip. Inside was a little, grumpy tortoise. I watched it lean back a little, tuck its head in, then bash the side of the pool with its shell, scooting the whole thing forward an inch or so. He kept moving the pool until it was up against my foot, then the tortoise just repeatedly bashed the side of the pool in rapid succession. When I got up to wash my hands, the tortoise changed directions to THUMP after me to the sink.

When I got out and told my friend, they said "Oh yeah, that's Ted. My parents probably haven't given him his salad and sun-time yet and he's cranky. We then took Ted out in the yard, fed him some leafy greens and fruit, and had a great afternoon.

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When I was a kid I went over to a friend's house. At some point they went to have dinner. "They" meaning the whole family. I wasn't at any point asked to join them. So while they ate I sat in the living room and played on their Atari.

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They had a room furnished as a mini chapel dedicated to worshipping Satan. With a big upside cross and an altar and whatnot.

In retrospect I wish I could have taken a photo.

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Met a nice couple at work, and they invited me and my fiance at the time for dinner.
The dinner was typical, but 2 more couples showed up as it ended, and they wanted us to stick around for.... other activities.
Apparently they thought the way to convince us to join their swingers group was to sneak up on us with it.
We politely declined.

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At someone’s birthday party at her house. She divided us into groups and made us write songs about her.

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When I was about 10 my cousins and I were sleeping at my grandma's house in Oklahoma. My uncle Rick came home drunk and got loud so my grandma started yelling at him and hitting him with a rolled up magazine. My other uncle Cecil (who was only 4 years older than us) told us 3 kids to run out the back door and "hide at the creek 'cause Ricks a mean drunk!". It's about midnight and we run down to the creek and stand around looking at each other for about 10 minutes and then we walk back. We come in through the front door with muddy feet and leaves in our hair. Uncle Rick had already gone to bed (he wasn't mean at all). My grandma yells at us asking why we were outside? We say we were hiding at the creek. She says who told you to hide at the creek? We all point at Uncle Cecil who was in the corner laughing. She starts chasing him around the table and beating him with a magazine. He was hiding his face yelling "OW OW OW" like he was in pain but I could see he was still laughing. We all ran to the bedroom and jumped in bed and pulled the covers over our heads until it got quiet and we went to sleep.

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One time I went to a sleepover when I was 12 and the mom was there the whole time. I don't just mean in the house doing her own thing, I mean she had a sleeping bag out on the living room floor with all of us. Most awkward sleepover I've ever been to. Worst part is the girl didn't even think it was weird. Also we have to go to bed at 8:00, so there's that.

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I went over to a place that a person I was dating lived. He and his roommate of 3 years had insisted on permanently keeping all the windows open and essentially allowing the house to become…overgrown? They had multiple birds living in there. Also were random things written throughout the house in pen, sharpie, crayon, as if whenever they had a thought they’d scribble it down.
We got high as balls and watched Evil Dead. I got so tripped out during one scene I just left without explanation

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In college I drank WAY too much, one weekend a friend invited a group of us the go ice fishing and then stay the night at his parents house. I became black-out drunk and in the morning I woke up in his childhood bedroom which still had old toys, silly wallpaper and rocketship blankets. It was so surreal, I sat there for what felt like forever, terrified, desperately trying to remember where I was and how I got there. It's one of only a few times I've legitimately panicked.

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At a buddies grandparents home stead after they had passed. I was sleeping soundly when I got woken up by what sounded like snowballs being thrown at the side of the house. Figured it was animals. Went back to sleep. Next morning the buddy whom I was with asked me if I heard the cub board doors slamming shut in the kitchen. Last time I stayed there.

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A long time ago I went to my weed dealer’s apartment to get some weed. He was a tough guy,
all tatted up, hung around some shady characters. I get there and he has two kittens he just adopted. One of the kittens takes a liking to me, so I’m in a room with these hard a*s tough guys, and while we’re passing this blunt around, I’m sitting in a lazy-boy chair, and this cat is sitting on my chest and kneading it’s paws into me and purring. It was the weirdest environment for this to be happening.


not only the weirdest but also not my proudest. good friend of mine and i were just partying a lot and making bad decisions, drinking a lot, being very carefree about what we did and who we spent time with, a lot of things i don’t care to get into.

we drove three hours away to partake in our bad decisions. friend blacks out in the car. i’m struggling to get him to wake up. i was really worried about him at that point, he just wasn’t breathing very much and wasn’t responding to being punched or slapped or anything. eventually he does wake up kind of confused. i notice he has a headlight out and it’s dark, and he’s not good to drive and i don’t technically have a license. the risks seem to really outweigh the rewards of getting back home and crashing at his place. so we agreed that we should probably just get to the nearest hotel and book a room and go home in the morning after being sobered up.

we get to a gas station not even a mile away just to like go in, grab some gatorade or something and start looking up hotels.

this older woman we’ve never met walks up to our car and asks if we have a lighter. she’s obviously been crying. we give her a lighter and ask if she’s a local and if she knows where the closest hotel is cause we need to crash. she tells us she for sure could show us a hotel not far away cause her man just got mad at her and freaked out and went to this hotel for the night. we agreed.

then she suggested that we should save our money and we could crash at her place right behind the gas station. our inhibitions are pretty low and my friend looks at me and says “i’m not opposed to it” and at that point i only had $30 to my name which wouldn’t get us s**t and she seemed safe so i figured alright guess we are gonna check it out. she was a very sweet lady. i would never in a million years do that ever again.

we get to her house and she’s got the bed on the floor in the living room and keeps a cane or something against the door as that part of town is super dangerous and scares her without her boyfriend being there. she offers up the bed and takes the couch. she’s really cool and pretty harmless but definitely a heavy drinker. we were too so whatever. she gets drunk, we get pretty f****d up ourselves. she has a guitar that i played and she actually gave to me. she recorded me singing and even put it on her facebook. we taught her how to add us, how to use her cellphone because she didn’t know how to use messenger and she had a lot of messages she’d never checked, one in particular from her high school sweet heart so they started talking and she was grateful for that.

not long into the night she is on the couch basically trying to seduce us. lol. we told her we weren’t really interested in all of that, way too f****d up anyway for our plumbing to even work lol. we weren’t offended at all. we really did not have the capacity to care or be creeped out and we didn’t want her to feel embarrassed. she ends up saying something like “if i touch myself don’t y’all say s**t” and she then just passed out immediately and didn’t do anything lol.

we left, agreed that it was a strange night, but our adventures to this city were not over for awhile. every other weekend for probably three months after until my friend finally had the strength to treat his alcoholism in rehab which inevitably led me to rethinking my life decisions too. she wasn’t too handy with her phone but we did go to visit her again every time that we went to that city and stayed the night again a few more times. nothing weird ever happened again, she was lonely and always so thrilled to see us and we would take her for car rides (she didn’t have a car) and listen to music.

she eventually called us after we both cleaned up our acts and started trying to focus on work and not party asking why she hadn’t seen us in a couple months, said she had went to a homeless shelter briefly but inevitably ended up with that guy that she reconnected with and he had a nice place and they were doing well and that we should come see her nice new place and stay. we really weren’t in a position to go back. that was the last i ever heard from her. she never messaged back much on facebook to begin with, but i have tried to reach out a few times and not gotten answer. i just hope that she’s alive and well. very weird experience and but i think fondly of her.

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We went to a foreign classmate's house to do our film class project. He said that since we're making a horror film, we could try filming in the dark storage space above the dining room. So indeed he climbed up there to get some establishing shots but as soon as he crawled in, we found out the ceiling wasn't made of concrete and he ended up breaking the ceiling and falling down. Luckily he wasn't hurt but now there's a big human sized hole in the ceiling.

Needless to say his parents were not impressed and we had to change our filming location to my aunt's condo.

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I went to one of my best friend's girl friend's house for some R&R. She was always a dominant person who humiliates this guy, all the time. I never said anything of course. But his family and other friends always did.

Haha. He decides to break up with her suddenly the day I was there.

1. She cut his SUV's tyre
2. Set fire on it using kerosene.
3. He tried to stop her and her dog bit his stomach.
4. I ran into the house to bring the fire extinguisher and her mom fought with me thinking something else was going on.
5. Managed to kick her dog away, put the fire out and drive off with my friend, straight to the hospital, with one wheel that with a badly cut tyre, no air.

Thinking of it, what the bloody hell is wrong with people?


Watching my friend accidentally melt his finger with an oxyacetylene torch.

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I found out my dad's girlfriend doesn't close the door when she showers


I remember when I was a kid, probably around 10 or so we went to friends of our family's for dinner. The husband and wife got into a very loud screaming match over whether to serve creamed corn or frozen corn. I'm talking in each other's faces and being shrilly loud.

Ten year old me was fascinated by how such a mundane object could arise such passions, and of course I wanted to see how it turned out but we were instead quickly ordered into the car and left.

Still never understand how corn caused such a disagreement. I found out later they got divorced

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This one time I was at my ex GFs (gf during that time) and we weren't doing very well in the relationship. We were in the driveway talking and we ended up sitting in her car while we talked about how the relationship wasn't the same as before and how we weren't really feeling like it was going anywhere, the regular talk before a breakup. It was pretty tense and kinda sad. We noticed that the bathroom window was on, so we lowered our voices as we didn't want her family to hear us talking about breaking up. She was about to cry when we heard a massive, compressed fart echo through the confines of the procelain toilet. The atmosphere changed entirely, we tried not to laugh but it was impossible not to. Her mom called her with doubt as she asked her name. We rushed the hell out of the car and proceeded to laugh our butts off. That day, whatever her mom ate before laying the log saved our relationship, we didn't break up until a few months later.

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I met up with this guy to go for our first date, ended up back at his house which he shared with his parents. No big deal, right?

As soon as I step through the door, the smell of animal faeces hits me like a brick. I held my breath and entered the lounge, where there was rubbish and boxes stacked as high as the ceiling. Even in this dudes room, there was boxes and rubbish.

They had about 10 cats running around, 5 hamsters (pretty sure one of them was dead in the cage), 3 birds all cooped up in one small bird cage, 3 dogs and an iguana.

I never saw him again after I made my excuses and left, blocked the dudes number and blocked and deleted him from my socials.


As a child, I had a paralyzing fear of dogs. Can't count the number of times I was at someone's house and they promised to keep their dog away, then let the dog out later because "they're friendly." Softened my opinion on dogs over the years, but never will trust that type of dog owner.


I was with my teenage/childhood best friend at her fiancé’s family’s home for the week. It was me (18 at the time), my friend (19), her fiancé (25), his parents (50’s) his younger brother (19), his sister (30’s) and the sister’s son (9).

The first night I was there, I was in using the bathroom. Just as I was standing up I heard a strange noise coming from a cabinet in there and saw the 9 year old boy with the cabinet door cracked open watching me use the bathroom. He had this creepy smile on his face. I was shocked for a moment, told him to get out. He did, not saying a word just watching me with that same weird grin.

Over the next two days he repeatedly found ways to catch me when I was indisposed (showering, changing, in the bathroom, anything along those lines)… he did anything from peeking under doors to hiding in closets to putting things in doors so they didn’t fully lock to stealing a compact mirror from his mom and slipping it under my freaking door.

I had to start checking for him hiding in any room I was in and if I had to use a bathroom in the house that didn’t lock, had my friend stand guard.

I immediately told my friend and her fiancé after the first incident. When the boy did it again, her fiancé was p****d on my behalf and talked to his parents and his sister about it, but they didn’t seem surprised or bothered by that information. They just shrugged it off like it was a perfectly normal thing and said they would try to keep an eye on him. They didn’t.

The last straw was on the second night I found him in my room next to my bed watching me sleep and I knew fully well I’d locked my door. He never said a word. Just watched me with that same f*****g grin that honestly spooked me. I ended up sleeping on the floor in my friend and her fiancé’s room that night.

My friend told me that she found out the pervy little kid (or pre-vert, as we started calling him) had a track record of this with certain women. Apart from my friend, her fiancé and his younger brother everyone else in the house just acted like it was normal.

I ended up finding somewhere else to stay for night 3 then leaving the trip early. I couldn’t take it, couldn’t take being around that him with that stare, having to constantly be on guard and my privacy invaded. That little kid still creeps me out when the memory comes to mind.


We were playing hide and seek and we found a pole for dancing in her parents' room


Went to a friend's house when I was around 10 yo to play with a couple of other friends. Her younger brother forgot to shut the baby gate when we went to the basement. As soon as we were all in the basement, her baby brother fell down the stairs while he was in his walker.

That's one of the scariest s**t I've ever seen. Back then, I was sure that he had died. Especially since it took a good 5 seconds before he started crying.


When I was 14 I went to a friends house for a birthday party sleepover. There was five other girls invited. After dinner we got settled in the lounge room to watch horror movies. Her parents came in and sat on the couch, took out two huge bongs and got stoned. They started commentating the movie as we watched it, like it was a live sports event. This was the first time all us girls had seen drugs or been around someone on drugs. So weird. Birthday girl was so embarrassed. We never went back to her house for a sleepover after that one.


When I went to my friends house, entered the house and saw his elder sister naked in her room.


This happened years ago. I was really into this girl and trying to get on her good side. I can't remember why but we stopped by her house to get something. We walk in through the side door and I noticed that all the lights were off. This was unusual since I thought I saw her dad's car in the driveway.

I stare into the kitchen and I see candles lit all romantic like. I grab her and say, "We gotta leave right now." She is annoyed and asks why. Just then, on cue, her dad's girlfriend lets out the loudest moan from upstairs. She grabs my arm and shudders in horror and we leave.

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Sleepover at my friend's. Family of 6, 2 adults and 4 kids, ran out of toilet paper. And though a 7-11 and several other stores were mere blocks away (gas stations, McDonald's to steal from), they employed the Family Towel, poop stains and all, tacked to the wall. I held my pee all night until I nearly got a kidney infection the next morning. I called my dad to get me as early in the morning as I could.

Edit: my highest ever voted comment and it's about the Hill Family Poop Towel ? my dad would've been so proud!


When I was in college there was this redneck named Scott who lived w/his mother & was desperate to leave & move in w/me.

When I was helping him move put his Mom lit up a joint which I ignored.

Then she tried to grope my crotch.

"CAREFUL!" Scott shouted. "My Mom is a pervert!"

Over the years that is meme for me.


Clogged toilet my first time there


Went to a friend's early Saturday in middle school, possibly 9th grade. Went grocery shopping with her, her sister and mom. Well we get back and I had a bunch of bags of groceries waiting in the garage by the door. My friend said to just go in. I didn't want to because her dad was home and I didn't meet him yet. My friend insisted it was fine.

I went in from the garage door and when I looked in directly to the right in the kitchen, her dad was cooking something on the stove. In only his tighty whities.

I don't remember which expletive he yelled, but I immediately went back out the way I came. I can only imagine the face I was making.

Somehow, my friend convinced me to still stay the night. I was deeply embarrassed and avoided her father. Lol I felt like such a bad guest, I ALWAYS knock and I was mostly mad at her for telling me to go in.

Hilarious now though.

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Grew up in a black neighborhood, hadn’t hung around white kids at their houses til high school. Was at a student council meeting at my friend Jake’s house and he asks me if I want a soft drink. I reply “sure” and then he turns and asks his mom for one. She says they’re out and he goes “What the hell mom!? This is b******t.” She then apologizes and leaves to get us some. He’s still p****d and cursing. I had no car and all I kept thinking was “I wanna go home.” That would’ve never happened in my house. I’m almost 40 and still afraid to slip up and curse in front of my parents.


Went to a girls house, second time we were hanging out. We were getting a little frisky but she decided she didn’t wanna have sex yet. Perfectly fine. We go meet her friends and get some food, go back to her place and start drinking. One of her friends wants to go buy weed so we hop in the car. Girl I’m seeing had to pee so they pull over and she pees on her neighbors sidewalk.

Ick #1

We get back to her house, start smoking and she starts screaming outside and being extra rowdy. Making bird noises and staring at me and being confrontational asking me if I’m having fun. Then she’s like cover your ears, and rips the loudest wettest fart. She laughs, then farts again.

Ick #2

She is visibly upset at the fact that I’m getting a little turned off by her. Goes inside all pouty. I go in to comfort her and act like everything is fine and normal. Her friends come inside and we’re drinking more. She pulls me upstairs, stumbling. Wants to have sex now but can’t consent because she’s wasted. Says she feels sick. I’m like this isn’t happening, I think I’m gonna go home. She starts acting like a child and making me feel extremely uncomfortable begging me to stay in front of her friends and blaming me for thinking she’s too weird or something

Ick #3

I finally leave and she blows up my phone gaslighting me saying that I can’t handle her weirdness. I’m like you peed on your neighbors sidewalk, farted like 3 times, and were being a sloppy drunk and making me uncomfortable. Sorry but you’re not what I’m looking for.

That was that


Was chilling in my friends bedroom and his grandma would just STARE. It's not even the wholesome kind of staring. It was giving horror villain has a knife behind her back vibes. Asked my friend about it and he said "shes just like that".


Mine's fairly tame but I was at a friend's house and didn't finish the cereal they made for me. When I went back the next day their mom had kept the cereal and wanted me to finish it ?‍♀️


Sleepover at my friend’s house, and we hung out outside until sunset since it was summertime. The neighbor dude across the street got drunk and threw their coffee table in the street. The wife sped away in her car. The cops showed up. I was told those kinds of things happened a lot with that house.


I'm not gonna say worst but it was definitely the weirdest, and looking back the funniest.

It's 10pm on a Friday and We're hanging out in my buddies room watching The Interview, that North Korea comedy. We're cracking up at one of the scenes...a few minutes later his mom's boyfriend comes down and knocks on the wall, peeks his head around the corner and says that his mom wants us to be more quiet. (dude was mad awkward + my buddy didn't like him)

Few minutes later, we were laughing again and his mom came down. She says quiet down and he goes into a tirade about how if he wasn't there she wouldn't care, and how this house isn't a library on a Friday unless he's there. She laughs and tells him to shut up.

Right before she's about to walk out, he goes....

Hey mom, you wouldn't even be down here if he was f*****g you hard enough. Your pelvis would hurt too much to get down the steps.

I pulled my hoodie up over my head and sunk into the couch and laughed myself into tears.

I didn't even know him for that long at the time, but came to learn him and his mom have a crazy relationship, they've been through a ton together and the communication lines are apparently wide open. This was 15 years ago and they are still super close.


Met a girl on Reddit. Talked for a few months and discovered that we live 2 hrs apart. As one does, I decided to go visit her for a weekend.

Her dad was the strangest part of the visit. He didn’t greet me when he came home. At one point, he was standing frozen in the kitchen, just staring at the wall. When the girl and I were cuddling on the living room couch, I looked back and saw him standing in the dark hallway, watching us.

During dinner, her and her parents ate off of dirty plates. The food was good, but the family dynamics were odd. It didn’t feel like a real family. They had a lot of money, but I had no idea what her parents did. They didn’t talk to each other like a family.

But it wasn’t just her family that was off. It was her, too. Every time she went to the bathroom, she was in there for at least half an hour with no explanation. I gave her a gift and she didn’t say thank you. She walked way too fast and it was hard to keep up.

After the visit, she asked me if her parents seemed off. I said yes, and she said something like “so it isn’t just me.” I still have so many questions, but no answers. And we stopped talking maybe a month or so after that visit, so I guess I’ll never know.


The host and his girlfriend made us feel very uncomfortable by repeatedly talking about the host’s three vasectomies and their reversal, true story

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My highschool friend's parents had an interesting relationship dynamic. His mother had to call the father "Sir" and kneel in front of him when bringing him food or drink. When I asked my friend about it, he simply said it's cultural and left it at that. I've always wondered if its a dom/sub thing, and it kind of disturbs me that they would expose their children to that.


First time my highschool gf took me to her house her dad didn't know I was there, when I was trying to sneak out later that night we ran into each other in the kitchen while he was in his underwear and he p****d himself. Relationship lasted for like 3 years after that, but I never was able to get on great terms with her dad.


Ooh I’ve been waiting for this one,
So I was in like 7th grade. I went to my friends house for the first time with my other friend. We had been playing sexual truth or dare like I assume most people have done. We were hanging out in her room and she said she wants to play a game, we have to ask eachother a question and whoever gets the answer wrong has to take their clothes off. So we’re playing this game, eventually we’re all naked sitting in a circle on her bed. Then we hear her DAD CALL FROM DOWNSTAIRS. We all freak and get dressed really fast, she goes downstairs and comes back up and says I HAVE TO LEAVE AND THAT HER DAD SAID IM NOT ALLOWED AT HER HOUSE ANYMORE LMAO. Like it wasn’t even my idea but okay. So humiliating I never did go back lol


I (21m) was banging a 42/f. We met at different locations to screw and the first time she had me over to her place, she had pictures of her 20 year old son everywhere. I've heard of post-nut clarity, but this was pre-nut clarity.


My friends & I went to my friends birthday sleepover in grade 7. We walked in to his house and realized his twin sister was also having her sleepover. So six grade 7 boys slept in the same room as six grade 7 girls. It was definitely weird, but we all had a great time. The next year in grade 8 was even more weird and more fun. Good times. Wouldn’t fly now.


When I was around 12 I was over a friends house playing some video games in her basement. I guess her 10 year old brother was mad he couldn't play because she had guests so he walked into the basement naked to scare us out.


My bestfriend at the time and I (we were maybe 10F) were having a sleepover and went to the kitchen for some late night snacks. Her stepmom and stepmoms friend were topless and drunk “inspecting” eachothers breasts, and they said “oh its just what women do when they get older” I was so scared and didn’t know what to do so I called my mom to come pick me up lol.


I had to have been 16 at the time but a friend of mine made friends with some Ukrainian immigrants, they were renting out an apartment in the complex that my friend lived, they must’ve been in their 20’s? One night we were at their apartment drinking and playing cards, I had access to the Bluetooth and was playing music, after a few songs Du Hast by Rammstein begins playing and A few moments later one of the Ukrainians pulls out a revolver type pistol and lays it on the table while asking me “what the f**k do you know about Rammstein?” I quickly tried to say “I just love rock music” all the while I can hear and feel the adrenaline literally pumping through my veins. After some drunken Slavic words, I pulled an Irish exit. I never saw them again. Shortly after this, my friend had informed me that their visas expired and they were deported back to the Ukraine.


Drinking around a fire pit in friend’s back yard. Dogs start barking at something on the other side of the fence. It’s a skunk. Friend’s husband is drunk and decides he really wants to kill the skunk. Everyone is trying to talk him out of it - just leave the thing alone. Husband goes into the house grabs a f*****g crossbow (found out later that before he came back out of the house he had drunkenly misfired the crossbow into his own bedroom floor). Now this dude is drunk and holding a loaded crossbow and about 5 people, including his wife, are standing between him and the skunk (and the three dogs, now going crazy) pleading with him to settle down. Eventually we settle him down and he acts like a grumpy inconsolable child for the rest of the night. Friend divorced him later that year, thank god.


When I was 14 I was at my best friend's house one evening. I walked in on his older sister giving her boyfriend head, just before we all sat down to eat supper.

Easily one of the most awkward meals I've ever sat through. I'm 35 now and still close friends with my high-school buddy, and to this day his sister and I have never spoken of it.

If by chance you're reading this Eric... sorry man. Hope life worked out well for you.


When I was 5, I went to a birthday party that was a drop off (no parents tagging along) and it was a house filled with the classmates family members (which included 50 little kids). It was legit incredible, until we went to play in the basement… where his grandpa was chopping a whole roasted pig on the floor (apple in the mouth). All the kids were a-ok with it - but as a child that had never seen or experienced a pig roast… it was traumatizing. I thought he had caught and murdered a pig and wanted the f out.


i was waiting with my friend for my other friend to get ready (they’re neighbors) and she offered to wait in the house. so we just went inside when her step dad and mom come home and her step dad corners me and starts screaming why am i in his house? i did not know it wasnt okay and i said ‘i’ll just go then’ and he said no youre not allowed to leave and started yelling at my friend. i just walked out the door and my friend apologized and we all just went home.


In college, I went to this girl's house during a free period with six or seven friends. We arrive, and she opens the door, says hello to her father, and immediately strips down to her bra and panties in the living room. We spent 45 minutes hanging out with her and her dad, and the whole time she's walking around in basically nothing. I asked her dad about it at a different time, and he nonchalantly says she's always done this and acted like it was a completely normal thing to do. Also, bonus points for her goth friend who sat there playing with a knife the whole time.


Well my late wife's clinically psychotic brother pulled a gun on me for no reason at Thanksgiving one year. Also her parents were trash people


When I was 16 I went for a sleepover at my friends house - well she wasn’t so much a friend, more like someone my mum made me hang out with because she felt sorry for her.

Before going to bed my friend removed a few dirty dishes from it and pulled the covers down for me. The bed was full of freshly trimmed TOE NAIL clippings all through it. I decided to top and tail with my friend instead, then at 5am her dad burst in the door in only his underwear to yell at her about a chore she’d forgotten to do. I had my own car so got ready to leave at this point, and she offered me breakfast. She went into the cupboard - not the fridge - and brought out a bowl of uncovered, leftover chicken green Thai curry. No thanks.


Me and a bunch of work dudes had a younger guy we worked with. So we went to his for birthday drinks, which was cool, but all his friends were still 17 years old or so while we were mid 20s. What was meant to be a quiet night for me escalated quickly.

Despite having the intention to drive home after 2 beers, I got that drunk that another mate of mine took me back to his house to crash (good lad).
We get back to his, and because his sister wasnt home that night he put me to rest in her bed, all nice and pink and frilly and what not.

A couple of hours later, I wake up. With the most immense need to p**s in my life. So I get out of this pink bed, and waltz into the hallway. I have never been in this house before, so dont have a clue where anything is. Mind you, I've been told his parents are asleep next to the room I'm in. I do my best, half stumbling half naked and falling over everywhere, trying to find a toilet. At this point, it felt like I had a knife in the end of my shlong because of how hard I was holding back this p**s.

Finally, I see what must be the toilet room at the end of another hallway. Only to find that the door is locked! Theres no one in there, the toilet is simply locked. I go back and forward through this whole house twice, dying in need of a p**s. Every room is locked, and no lights are turning on. So here I am, trying to be quiet, in what I'm starting to assume is a house I may not meant to be in.

I think f**k it, I'm p***ing in the yard. Except all the doors and windows to get outside are locked from the key barrel, and all the keys have been removed. I cant even p**s outside... I thought I'll not be disrespectful and p**s in the kitchen sink, in case someone comes out. So I go back into the sisters supposed room in the hope I can McGuiver my way to bladder release. And I see it. An empty soft drink bottle.

Bwwoooooosh. This p**s comes out that hard I nearly drop the bottle. I nearly fill this fkn thing to the brim. Of course, I didnt care, there was a small possibility some splashback occurred, I cant recall. I was lucky enough to even still be standing upright.

Eventually, my bladder is empty. My bottle is full. I replace the cap and call it a night.

I wake up.....to a grown man I've never seen before staring at me with the door wide open. Me, still p****d, unknown to this guy, in what I assume was his daughters bed.

We make prolonged eye contact, and he then continues down the hallway, I hear him say something along the lines "I have no idea who that guy is" as they continued down the hall. He was followed by 2 or 3 tradesmen behind him.

I start thinking. What the f**k have I gotten into.

I stand up. Get my pants on (also not a good look coming out of someone's daughters room) and as my pants are buckling, a girl appears to not be overly pleased at me exiting what I assumed was her bed.

I say sorry, grab my p**s bottle (the colour within made it obvious it was p**s) and walk out.

And here's my mate simply having breakfast in the dining area.

After some bacon and a laugh, I find out the house is undergoing extensive renovations. The toilets in that part of the house are buggered so they're kept locked, and the power was disconnected too. It wasnt until after we all ate and laughed that I realised I should take my p**s bottle out from under the dining table to the outside bin.

All in all, good memory.


I went to a sleepover once when I was 8/9 and they fed me a mayonnaise sandwich (it was literally bread with just a wod of mayonnaise inside) and the other kids got McDonald’s. They also kept insulting my parents, telling me how poor I was, and kept implying that my parents were on drugs. I ended up getting so mad at the dad I stood up on a chair and screamed he was fat and ugly and walked home. The next day they showed up at my door yelling claiming I stole the dads ID and told all the parents from the sleepover not to invite me to their house because I was a thief and never apologized after they found the it. I later found out they had a feud before I went there because the wife tried to sleep with my dad when we first moved in but my parents didn’t want that to get in the way of mine and their daughters friendship because we got so close


this isn't the worst and it's not my weirdest, but I was hitchhiking in upstate NY when I was in my early twenties. some nice people offered to take me home and give me a ride to Syracuse in the morning. when I got to the house, the first thing anyone said to me was "I take it's been awhile since you've been able to shave." same dude tried explaining to me that I was hitchhiking because I was sad, and that I was sad because I hadn't had enough sex. I played dumb and let him talk in circles. there were 10-15 adults and children living there and two different dogs had just had litters. I took a shower and was scooping puppies out of the tub the whole time.

when it was time to pass out, someone took me upstairs to sleep in a spare room. while we were walking up the stairs, he handed a bottle of Febreze over his shoulder and said "you're gonna want this...there's some kinda dead animal trapped in the wall and we haven't been able to find it but we can smell it. one of the cats is missing...so..."

highlight of the whole fiasco was a home Depot shopping cart in the kitchen that was overflowing with mountain dew cans with a chainsaw sticking blade up in the middle of it.

they told me to come back and work apple harvest with them and I never did. 10/10 would go back tho.

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