5 Resources for Fall in Special Education

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5 resources for fall in special education

Fall is such a fun season in school. We have back to school, changing weather, holidays, and lots of fun! Fall themed activities are a great way to get your students engaged in your lessons. Here are 5 resources for fall in special education you can use in your classroom.

#1 Monthly Vocabulary Units

fall monthly vocabulary units
Click the photo to shop the October Monthly Vocabulary Unit!

Monthly vocabulary units are some of my favorite lessons in my self-contained special ed classroom. My students love learning new themed vocabulary words each month. There are tons of activities included in this fall resource: vocabulary flashcards, clip cards, file folders, a word wall, and more! If you want to see how I use the monthly vocabulary units in my classroom, check out my blog post HERE.

#2 Fall Picture Comprehension

fall picture comprehension
Click the photo to shop Fall Picture Comprehension!

Fall picture comprehension is a great fall resource to assess your students’ comprehension skills. I use the seasonal picture comprehension bundle with my students so they get new stories with each new seasons. If you want to read more about how to reach your students’ comprehension goals, you can read my blog post HERE.

#3 Cut and Paste Fine Motor Sheets

fall cut and paste fine motor sheets
Click the photo to shop Fall Cut and Paste Fine Motor Sheets!

These fall cut and paste fine motor sheets make a great addition to your fine motor centers! There are cut and paste sheets for all seasons. This fall resource has a variety of supports included for your students, including highlighted lines to cut and non-highlighted lines. This resource is perfect for working on early cutting and pasting skills!

#4 Adapted Books

fall adapted books
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I can’t get enough of these fall adapted books! My students love reading the new books each season. There are so many skills you can work on with the seasonal adapted books: fluency, book skills, vocabulary, comprehension, turn-taking, and so much more! This fall resource pairs perfectly with the monthly vocabulary units and picture comprehension.

#5 Visual Recipes

fall visual recipes
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Visual recipes are one of my new favorite activities to do with my students. I’ll be honest, when I started teaching, the thought of completing a recipe with my students terrified me. These visual recipes take out all the guess work, and provide all the visuals and supports you need. Not to mention, they’re simple! Now we love doing recipe day in our classroom! Recipe Friday is our favorite!

I love everything about teaching in the fall. Everything is fun and new when we’re back to school, then we have lots of fun with seasons changing and holidays! What is your favorite fall resource? Check out Taylors Halloween Fine Motor and Halloween Sensory Bin Posts!

Do you have a different season that is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

5 resources for fall in special education

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