44 Of The Cutest Pics From This Online Wedding Planning Group That Might Give You Some Inspiration For Your Special Day

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Here comes the bride, here comes the bride– Wait a minute! That is the cutest wedding dress I have ever seen. Let me snap a picture real quick, so I can share it to this online wedding planning group I’m in. They’re going to love it!

Planning a wedding can be a monstrous task, as anyone who has done it can tell you. And while there are endless possibilities to how tying the knot can be done, having so many options can lead to decision fatigue. So it can be helpful to be part of a community where brides and grooms-to-be have access to inspiration, information and support when planning their big days. And what better place to find all of those things than the Wedding Planning subreddit?

Below, we’ve compiled some of the most adorable and creative ideas and photos shared on r/WeddingPlanning to provide all of you pandas with some inspiration for your big days. Enjoy scrolling through this list that might give you wedding fever, and be sure to upvote all of your favorite pics. Keep reading to also find conversations we were lucky enough to have with the founders of Bespoke Bride, Emily and Jessica, and editor and founder of English Wedding, Claire Gould. Then, if you’re interested in viewing some precious DIY projects that could be the perfect additions to your special day, check out this Bored Panda article next! 

#1 Finally Had My Hair Trial, What Do You Think ?

Image credits: edlihtaemih

Everyone knows that, if you choose to get married, your wedding day is expected to be one of the most wonderful days of your life. Brides and grooms plan their big day for months, or even years, and it all culminates in one huge celebration where their friends and family members get to bask in their overwhelming love. It’s heartwarming to think about. But for some reason, while the actual wedding day is associated with being wonderful and perfect, the months of planning leading up to that day often have a negative connotation, being associated with extreme amounts of stress.

So anything that can lessen the burden on fiancés preparing to tie the knot can be a godsend. And in this case, the godsend is r/WeddingPlanning. This subreddit, which has an impressive 208k members at the moment, has been around for 13 years and helped countless individuals prepare for their big days. Common topics discussed in the group are Dress/Attire, Decor/DIY, Rings, Vendors/Venue, Hair/Makeup, Wedding/Engagement Photos, Relationships/Family, Tough Times, Budget Questions, and more. This community is there for anything brides and grooms might need, and when you’re prepping for your wedding, it can be massively helpful to speak to others who are in the same shoes. (Perhaps even literally!)     

#2 My Framed Wedding Bouquet

Image credits: PsychopathicMunchkin

#3 Did The Damn Thing!

Image credits: afriikaana

To learn more about wedding planning from a couple of experts, we reached out to the founders of Bespoke Bride, Emily and Jessica, and they were kind enough to have a chat with us. First, we wanted to know what inspired them to start a blog dedicated to wedding planning in the first place. “We founded Bespoke Bride in 2011 after dabbling in our own startup wedding businesses,” they told Bored Panda. 

“At first, the blog was just a way for us to collate inspiration, chat about our crazy ideas and share our own products and images. Then, as time passed - we realized we were spending more time blogging than on our own independent businesses! Eventually, the blog became our main focus,” Emily and Jessica explained. “Our main goal was to create a platform where we could share the weddings we had come to love, those that were detailed, original, creative, and innovative – those that reflected the true personality and character of the couples themselves!”

#4 Almost Two Years Later, I Cast My Wedding Flowers Into Dice!

Image credits: hacelepues

#5 After Nine Fittings, I Was Able To Wear My Late Grandmother’s Gown At Our Wedding!

Image credits: Improvgarden

We also asked Emily and Jessica why planning a wedding can be so challenging. “Planning a wedding is a complex process that involves lots of research, good and efficient communication and knowledge of project management,” they shared. “It involves a great deal of patience, problem-solving, time management, and people skills.” 

“Rather than trying to fit into what society deems a ‘wedding should be’ - a good wedding planner needs to focus on the special moments that define who the bride and groom are as a couple,” the founders noted.  

“Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, so be prepared and make sure you only take on what you can realistically achieve,” they added. “If you have your heart set on DIY-ing the entire wedding but work full-time - forget about it. There is a good chance you will not have the time or energy to take on so much responsibility.”

#6 With The Beautiful Parent Pictures Being Posted, I Thought It Would Be Nice To Talk About How Wedditors Included Loved Ones Who Passed. Here’s How My Parents ‘Walked’ Me Down The Aisle

Image credits: keksdiebeste

#7 A Part Of Me Was Worried I Would Regret Not Wearing A Dress For Our Wedding. Needless To Say Once We Got The Photos Back I No Longer Cared About The Dress

Image credits: sarbrosious

The founders of Bespoke Bride also shared some of their top wedding planning tips with Bored Panda. “Focus on putting your own unique stamp on one of the most important days of your life. When choosing your dress, don’t feel you have to follow the crowd, follow your dream! Decide what are the things that are most important to you and invest in them.”

“For many, it's the dress, for others the venue, and for some it's all about the food. Some couples invest most of their wedding budget on a fabulous three-course meal!” Emily and Jessica added.

#8 We Weren’t Ready For The First Picture - The Flash Went Off So Quickly! Turns Out I Wasn’t Ready For The Next 3 Pictures Either!

Image credits: whatsoctoberfeast

#9 Framed A Cut Out From Each Of Our Wedding Cards As A First Anniversary “Paper Themed” Gift!

Image credits: dimeuhdozen

We also asked Emily and Jessica if they could share some of their favorite, unique wedding ideas they’ve ever seen. “Fortunately, we saw a lot of amazing weddings in the past years,” they told Bored Panda. “We love unique, colorful and DIY weddings, and one of our top favorites was Mia and Andy's wedding. They implemented an extremely colorful and geometric theme, which included their favorite animal - the Flamingo! The couple built almost all the decor items by themselves!”

If you’d like to gain more wedding planning tips from the experts or see some inspiration for your upcoming big day, be sure to check out Bespoke Bride right here!

#10 I Asked Our Photographer To Take "Overdramatic Soap Opera Cast Photos" Of The Wedding Party. He Freaking Nailed It

Image credits: HeyGirlLemmePikachu

#11 I Did My Own Flowers, And Had No Idea What I Was Going To Use For My Husband’s Boutonnière Until I Found A Baby Pineapple At The Florist

Image credits: velvetoctopus

To hear from another wedding expert, we also reached out to Claire Gould, editor and founder of English Wedding, a site celebrating diversity, inclusion and sustainability. Claire told Bored Panda that she started English Wedding because she has a calligraphy business that focuses on weddings. "I wanted to share the amazing creativity of other independent wedding businesses!" she shared. "That’s what I love most about weddings - that there are so many brilliantly creative, passionate tiny businesses working hard behind the scenes to make weddings happen."

As far as what makes wedding planning so challenging, Claire says it comes down to three things: "the wedding media and expectations, traditions and family pressures, and the fact that weddings (in all cultures) tend to be big events with lots of people."

#12 So Blown Away By The Wedding Pie That My Friend Made For Me As A Gift

Image credits: amandawtwong

#13 My DIY Thrift-Flipped Wedding Dress!!

Image credits: sarcastic_ginger

Claire was also kind enough to share some of her top wedding planning tips with us. " Don’t believe ‘average wedding budgets’ published in the wedding media. Ditch any traditions that don’t spark joy. Plan as a couple - wedding planning should never fall on just one of you," she told Bored Panda.

We also asked Claire about any particularly unique wedding ideas that she loves. "Elopements always get me," she shared. "Mountainside weddings are amazing - in fact, I blogged one couple who led all their guests up a mountain in hiking boots, had a ceremony at the top, and celebrated in the local village hall afterwards. It just felt so real, and absolutely memorable."

Finally, Claire added, "Celebrants are the future - with an independent celebrant you can do literally anything on your day."

If you'd like to learn more wedding planning tips and hear more wise words from Claire, be sure to visit English Wedding right here!

#14 Thought My High-Low Dress Was Too Plain, So I Changed Out The Lining. Holy Heck, Thank Goodness!

Image credits: hiponytail

#15 Made A Bracelet Out Of My Mom And Grandma’s Wedding Dresses!

Image credits: TheFrauMeow

While plenty of people get married every year, apparently, 2022 was a huge boom for newlyweds. According to the Wedding Report, about 2.5 million weddings took place last year, taking the cake for the most nuptials in a year since 1984. The main reason for this surge was all of the ceremonies that had to be postponed from 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, as well as the many couples who got engaged during the pandemic. 

“When people started quarantining, they started prioritizing their relationships more,” Elizabeth Overstreet, a relationship and love coach in Raleigh, N.C., told the New York Times. “They had a lot of time to think about, ‘Is this the person I want to be with?’ The way I would put it is, love has taken precedence in people’s lives.”

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, about 2.1 million weddings were taking place annually, but only a mere 1.3 million happened in 2020, followed by only 1.93 million in 2021. And while it’s great that all of these ceremonies have finally been able to happen, the rise in demand has likely increased the costs of throwing a wedding, as well as made it more challenging to find venues, vendors and more.    

#16 Moh Here! My Best Friend Recently Got Married So I Saved And Pressed Her Bouquet And Made This Arrangement For Her

Image credits: RoryPickles

#17 I Cross Stitched All Our Guests For Our Place Names

Image credits: pemma25

#18 My Fiancé Is A Musician, And I Am An Artist So I’m Making Those Faceless Cartoonized Portraits, But I’m Painting Them On Vinyl Records Of Each Of Our Guests For Wedding Favors! I Wanted Something Unique That Would Show Our Guests Our Love And Appreciation Of Them

Image credits: avid_life

“Our vendor partners, especially floral designers, are having a hard time getting things from manufacturers,” Tara Melvin, the founder of Perfect Planning Events in Washington, D.C., told the New York Times. “Even paper for invitations is hard to come by.” So nowadays, when so many people are tying the knot around the same time, it can be extra useful to gain tips and tricks for saving money or planning a unique wedding from Reddit. According to Truly, the average wedding in the United States costs between $28,000-$35,000, brides typically spend about $1,600 on their dresses, and honeymoons in the US add up to about $12 billion every year. I don’t care how much money you have in the bank, it’s wise for every bride and groom to do what they can to cut costs when it comes to their special day, so they have more available for entering this new stage of life together.

#19 My Green “Wedding” Dress. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What To Do - Do You With Your Wedding

Image credits: Danswoman

#20 Each Table Is Named After A Year We've Been In A Relationship! 8 Tables, 8 Different Years Together

Image credits: atinylittlebug

#21 The Colorful Wedding Cake Of My Dreams

Image credits: pkerman

According to The Knot, one of the easiest ways to save money on your wedding is actually to hire a wedding planner. While this might sound counterintuitive, wedding planners are the experts. They know how to get the best deals, and often have relationships and contacts that will make planning your big day much smoother and more affordable. It can also be useful to keep your guest list small. On average, brides and grooms spend $266 per guest, so if you keep your wedding small and intimate, your bank account will be left much larger! And when it comes to your venue, don’t underestimate places that are free or charge very little. Do you know anyone who owns a large home and some land that could be great for event hosting? And on that note, speak to any of your friends or family members who might be able to cut you a deal as your wedding gift. If someone owns a catering company, a venue, a stationery service, a bar, etc., they might be able to give you a discount in exchange for an invite to the big day.       

#22 Hand Painting Taper Candles For The Tables And Having So Much Fun! Now To Find 30+ Candle Holders…

Image credits: alreadyacrazycatlady

#23 The Moment Your Parents Roast You Instead Of Toast You

Image credits: inalittleindia

#24 My Winter Wedding Was Too Cold For Getting Ready Robes. Went With Bridal Tracksuits!

Image credits: fusilli

When you imagine the “traditional” Western wedding, you might picture a ceremony held in a church that features a bride wearing white and is followed by a reception with food, drinks, dancing and games. However, there are a million ways to have a wedding, based on your culture, your preferences, your budget and more. There’s no right or wrong way to get married, and nowadays, brides and grooms are turning to less traditional celebrations that fit their preferences, rather than following in the arbitrary footsteps of weddings that have come before them. For example, if a certain theme is particularly meaningful to you and your fiancé, you can plan the whole day around it. Some wedding themes that have been successfully executed before are Sustainability, Moroccan, Nautical, Winter Wonderland, Desert Chic, time periods such as the Roaring 20s and novels such as The Great Gatsby.

#25 We're Getting Married In Alnwick Castle Where The Harry Potter Movies Were Filmed, So I Thought It Would Be Fun To Illustrate A Hp Themed Save-The-Date!

Image credits: HalfyKathy

#26 July 18, 2020! We Went Ahead With A Smaller Wedding But Splurged On A Helicopter Ride For Photos Before The Ceremony

Image credits: EmilyLynn

#27 I Grew The Dahlias For My Bouquet And Put It Together Myself- So Stressful Because We Had A Freakish Early Snowstorm That Almost [took Them Out] With 2 Weeks To Go But They Survived And I Got My Dream Of Carrying Them Down The Aisle

Image credits: mightaswellb

Even if you’re not engaged, we hope you’re enjoying this adorable list of wedding inspiration, pandas. If you plan to tie the knot some day, you can keep these ideas in your back pocket. And if you don’t, feel free to share this article with anyone in your life who will be getting married soon. Keep upvoting all of your favorite pics, and then if you’d like to check out another Bored Panda article featuring wedding tips, look no further than right here!  

#28 Wholesome Grandma Didn't Trust Our Online RSVP, So She Went Out And Made Her Own, Just To Be Sure We Knew She'd Be Coming!

Image credits: aglef

#29 Had A Vision For My Oddly Sized Bhldn Belize Dress And Made It A Reality! It Fit Me Perfectly In Length And Sleeves But The Back Was So Narrow- So I Had Had It Removed!

Image credits: clurmonnier

#30 Crocheted My Wedding Dress!

Image credits: bonnieb13

#31 The Wedding Invites I Designed Came In! I’m An Illustrator And Designing My Wedding Invites Was Something I Was Really Looking Forward To

Image credits: DragonRider001

#32 My Best Wedding Planning Advice: Don’t Shy Away From What Feels Like You. My Colorful Wedding Was Everything I Dreamed It Would Be]

Image credits: pkerman

#33 A While Ago, I Posted An Engagement Photo That “Captured Our Entire Relationship”. Welp, Our Photographer Captured It Again At Our Wedding

Image credits: ginger_dominion

#34 The Bouquet Bar - My Favorite DIY And Surprise Success!

Image credits: GermanDeath-Reggae

#35 My Totally Non-Traditional Totally Awesome Dress! The Giant Purple Skirt Was Removable For Dancing, Underneath Was A Silk Sheath With Short Mermaid Train

Image credits: WhiskeySteeves

#36 8 Bazillion Trips To Michaels And 9 Trillion Zip Ties Later, My DIY Flower Backdrop Is Done

Image credits: turnliv414

#37 One Of My Favorite Gifts We Opened This Weekend. My Friend Gave Us $100 In $5 Bills With This Note. Such A Great Gift Idea!

Image credits: kpiork

#38 Couldn’t Decide On Wedding Colors So We Said “All Of Them!” Our Florist Nailed It

Image credits: vanjieXthree

#39 I Couldn’t Find A Law & Order Save The Date, So I Made My Own!

Image credits: poutyfish

#40 For The Unconventional Brides-To-Be, We Tied The Knot In Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors Exhibit!

Image credits: everything_is_super

#41 First DIY Project - Pressed Flower Table Numbers!

Image credits: cnyc52

#42 Me: I Have Too Many Things To Make And Plan For The Wedding. Also Me: I’m Going To Learn To Embroider 3 Months Before The Wedding And Make My Wedding Shoes

Image credits: alykken2

#43 Our Bob’s Burgers Custom Save The Dates!

Image credits: Mysza88

#44 Had My Wedding Flowers Turned Into Dice

Image credits: xKobito

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