25 Sites to Add Rigor and Authenticity to Word Study

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Memorizing word lists and testing on them doesn’t really work very well. Here are lots of websites that will make student academic and domain-specific word study more relevant and sticky. I’ve collected them into various categories–pick what works for you:word study websites

  1. Context Clues Game
  2. Context Clues Millionaire
  3. Flashcard Stash–collect words, view sentences and images
  4. Friendly Letter Maker
  5. Main Idea Battleship
  6. The Patchworker
  7. Using a table of contents
  8. Web-based Mad Libs
  9. Word Balloons
  10. Word Central—Merriam Webster
  11. Word Games


  1. Contraction Practice
  2. Feast of Homonyms
  3. Grammar games
  4. Grammar Gorillas
  5. Grammaropolis
  6. Plural Nouns
  7. Short Vowels
  8. Suffix Match


  1. Glossary of Poetry Terms
  2. Poetry Engine

Tier 3 Words

  1. WordSmyth–learn words relevant to a topic; for kids

Visual Words

  1. Snappy Words
  2. Tagul–create word clouds
  3. Visuwords
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