23 Games That Pay Real Money & More

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Did you know there are games that pay you real money to play? If you’re like us, you want o make extra money doing what you enjoy!

Today we are going to tell you how to make your gaming hobby into a money-making opportunity!

If you have a smartphone, chances are you’ve played at least one game on it. Games are becoming more and more popular with people of all ages.

Most games on your phone are free to play and pay tokens or points, but there are a number of games out there where it’s possible to win real money playing them.

Whether you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash or just have fun challenging yourself, this article will provide you with information about the different gaming apps that pay real money and rewards!

Here is our list of 23 games that pay real money!

23 Apps With Games That Pay Real Money

tello review

Some of these apps are online games that don’t require paying an entry fee to participate and win money. It’s like you get free money for playing a game app!

These are easy and fun apps to win real money in your downtime, so pick one or a few to get your free moolah!

1. SwagBucks

Swagbucks is a website and game app that offers rewards for completing online tasks.

It is one of the world’s largest free rewards programs that allow regular people to get paid for doing things they do every day like playing games.

When you use the Swagbucks app, you can win cash prizes for daily tasks like playing games, shopping, watching videos, and more. It is also one of the best survey sites.

Your Swagbucks balance will increase over time and you can cash the SBs out for a Paypal card or gift card.

If you love trivia, then you will love Swagbucks Live, a live trivia show on the app where you can win cash in the form of Swagbucks. Swagbucks Live is played nightly Monday through Thursday and in the afternoon on Friday.

Since it’s free to join Swagbucks and you don’t have to provide a credit card number, you might as well give it a try and make some real money by playing games.

Claim your $10 sign-up bonus here!

2. MyPoints

MyPoints is a free app that pays you to play.

This app gives you points (called MyPoints) for playing games as well as doing other tasks. You can download the app to your phone or tablet without any credit card information.

As a MyPoints member, you get rewarded when you complete various tasks such as playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, and shopping online.

Every task you complete is worth a certain number of points, which they use to pay you real money! Once your points total reaches a certain amount, you can redeem your MyPoints for gift cards or products like Visa Prepaid Cards or PayPal Cash.

MyPoints can also be exchanged for gift cards or merchandise like electronics, online stores, entertainment, travel, and more.

Sign up at MyPoints now to get real cash for your time!

3. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkieis a survey app that you can use to earn money online.

You can get paid cash rewards for taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, testing products, and more!

It pays you in points that can be redeemed for music downloads, cash via PayPal, Google Play cards, video games, sweepstakes tickets, or charitable donations.

You may have to take a few surveys before getting paid, but it’s very easy and straightforward to use.

Survey Junkie also offers the choice of being paid by check, but PayPal is their quick and easy option.

Get this popular gaming app now and start earning free money today!

4. Inbox Dollars

happy woman saving money through her phone by using trim

InboxDollars is another gaming app that pays you real cash rewards and gift cards plus gives you $5 just for signing up so it’s definitely worth trying out.

InboxDollars pays you to play games, watch videos, take surveys, use coupons, shop online, and even read emails. Each task that you complete will be worth a certain amount of points.

Points can be redeemed for real money, paid via PayPal to your email address, paid via check to the mailing address on your account, paid via or gift cards for stores like Amazon and Walmart, or even donated to charity.

Download the InboxDollars app now to get a $5 sign-up bonus!

5. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is an app that allows you to complete surveys and receive points that you can use to get free gift cards from over 500 brands.

You can download the PrizeRebel app to your Apple or Android device and complete surveys, watch videos, take quizzes, play games to win points, fill out forms and shop online.

Some of the top PrizeRebel rewards are PayPal cash, Roblox gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and Google Play gift cards.

Using PrizeRebel varies from task to task. For example, some tasks are worth 5 points while others are worth more. The more tasks you complete, the more prizes you earn!

6. Mistplay

Mistplay started in 2017 as a game app that is exclusive to Android and can be found in the Google Play Store.

To earn units (for prizes!), just download Mistplay and play any game on it! You can even see what your friends are playing and chat with them or compete with them in the app.

Mistplay does not offer Paypal as one of their ways to win cash prizes for a game. Units that you earn playing games can be cashed out for Amazon gift cards, Visa Gift Cards, and more.

7. Gamehag

Gamehag is one of the online paid-to-play games that you can play on the computer, the iOS platform, or the Android platform.

After you reach a certain level in the game, you can start earning rewards. Players in the VIP section of the game can earn perks and points not available to standard players.

Another way players can earn points is by answering surveys and signing up for offers.

You can redeem points for Steam Wallet credits at $1.99 or there are other options available for redeeming points, like digital game codes, Roblox Robux which gives you the money to play games, restaurant gift cards, retail gift cards, and Prepaid Mastercard.

8. Bananatic

Bananatic is another “get paid to play” game platform, which has many gaming and prize options on Bananatic.

Most of them are for iOS and Android, but there are a few gaming opportunities for Windows games too.

The goal in Bananatic is to complete tasks and earn points aka bananas. There are several ways to earn bananas, including completing sponsor tasks, writing a game review, and recording videos of gameplay.

The minimum to cash out is $5 and you can cash out for Paypal cash, gift cards, prepaid cards, and more.

9. Jackpocket

Jackpocket is a lottery app.

Yes…a real lottery app! This also means this is a pay-to-play game.

It’s only available to people in the states of Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

For this gaming app, you fund your Jackpocket account with whatever money you want to use for lotto games.

Then use your account to buy an actual lottery ticket for one of the following lotteries: MegaMillions, PowerBall, the available state lottery, and even scratch-offs in some states. You can pick your own numbers or get a lottery ticket with a Quick Pick.

If you have a ticket with up to $600 in winnings, the winnings will be deposited to your Jackpocket account or to a bank account linked to your account. For tickets with winning over $600, Jackpocket will send you the ticket and you will need to take it to the State Lottery office to redeem and pay taxes on.

10. Boodle

Portrait of happy young woman with mobile phone sitting on couch at home

Boodle is a fun way to earn money and get rewarded by using your Android device. Like other platforms, you play games and complete offers and tasks such as trying new games.

Another way you can earn points is by signing up for monthly subscriptions for services that you may use. Refer family and friends to earn even more points!

Boodle pays out via Visa gift cards and other gift cards such as Amazon. Redemption values start as low as $2.

11. Pool Payday

Play pool online for real money on your phone or tablet with this app that is powered by Skillz.

Pool Payday is compatible with Android and iOS, and free to download- but like some other apps, you may have to pay for boosts or to play longer.

You can cash out Pool Payday for cash through PayPal, Apple Pay, and other digital wallets!

12. Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is a free app that is available for iOS and Android. It doesn’t take very long to play each round of Bingo – just about two minutes.

It is free to play games on the Blackout Bingo app and you play like regular Bingo except it doesn’t require you to purchase tickets or cards at all.

You compete against other people to daub the numbers on your card faster than them. Be the first person to get “Bingo” and you win the prize.

You can also earn boosts to use to gain an advantage over other players by claiming squares before the number is called.

You can cash out real money on your PayPal card or redeem your points for other merchandise.

13. Solitaire Cube

Side Hustles For Women young african american woman pointing at camera with a satisfied, confident, friendly smile, choosing you with euro banknotes

Is Solitaire your game? Download Solitaire Cube and start winning money on it!

Solitaire Cube is powered by Skillz and is available on both iOS and Android. The games on Solitaire Cube play fast and only take a few minutes to play.

Earn points by sending cards to the foundation and uncovering cards. The games have a time limit and you get points for finishing quicker.

In order to win real money playing Solitaire Cube, you will need to make a deposit and play in the Pro League (where allowed by law).

You can play in multiplayer tournaments or against other individuals. Tournament entry fees start as low as $1 and can go into the $1,000s.

14. Drop

Drop is an app where you can play arcade games, casino games, or even game show games. You use Drop to find games to win points and rewards on Google Play or the iTunes App store.

The games have a required task. Complete the required task and earn points to use to cash out for free gift cards.

There are other ways you can earn points with Drop, like taking surveys and using cashback offers.

It can take some time to earn with Drop because of the 5,000 points weekly cap which equals $5 per week. Also, cashing out to PayPal is not an option with Drop.

15. Lucktastic

Scratching virtual scratch-offs! That’s how you can win real money ad get paid to play on Lucktastic.

It is 100% free to download this Android app and also free to play. The cash games that are offered on Lucktastic are actually like the cash games that you see in the convenience store.

Lucktastic is easy to play. Just pick one, scratch off one or more cards, and see if you won anything.

The minimum to withdraw your winnings is $1 and you can win real cash prizes, gift cards, and more! Plus you can enter sweepstakes and contests for even more opportunities to win real money!

16. Toluna

money can't buy happiness

Toluna is a survey site available on Google Play and the App Store. On Toluna, you can take surveys on a variety of topics including video games.

Each survey is assigned a different point value, and you simply complete the survey and earn the points. You can also play games that pay real money, whatever you want to do to earn cash!

You can cash out your points for a gift card or cash redemption. There are only a few gift cards that have a $10 balance and you need a $30 balance to cash out to PayPal.

It also takes about two weeks for the funds to clear your PayPal account.

17. Dominoes Gold

Dominoes Gold is an app powered by Skillz, available in the Android and iOS app store, and allows users to play games and win real money and gift cards.

When you first start playing the platform, you challenge an opponent and play an identical game against the computer.

The person who defeats the computer with a higher score wins the real prizes!

Once you get the hang of it, you can take it to the next level and play in daily live domino tournaments.

There are daily tournaments where you can play games and win real money and receive PayPal cash. You can also cash out in gift cards.

18. Flash Rewards

Flash Rewards is an app that is available on Android. With Flash Rewards, you can download and play free games on your phone and complete partner-sponsored offers to claim rewards.

You can redeem the rewards for a gift card or cash prizes on a Visa prepaid card.

19. 21Blitz

21Blitz is an app game that mixes Solitaire and 21. You can play for free against real people in head-to-head competition or in a tournament.

You can play for fun and win the game’s virtual currency. One thing though, prize tournaments are not available in all states, so check where you live to see if you can enter.

When you are ready to play for real money, you can deposit money and enter a tournament. Payouts are made using the same method you use for the deposit, either by credit card or your PayPal account.

20. Skillz

Skillz offers some of the best game apps to win real cash. You can play free games on both iOS and Android phones.

It is a mobile eSports platform that turns casual mobile games into competitive eSports tournament games for real money.

Players play for real money in the form of cash prizes in addition to virtual currency, gift card rewards, donations to charity, and special discounts.

The games on Skillz are fast and only take a few minutes to play. It’s not uncommon for tournaments or games to be one minute long or less!

21. PCH Games

Beautiful smiling woman holding money after earning cash back with Paribus

PCH, or as you may know, Publishers Clearing House, the guys who come to your house with flowers and balloons, oh, and a suitcase full of money.

Well, now they want you to play games on your iPhone or Android device for a chance to win so that someday they can pay you some real moolah!

In case you don’t know what Publishers Clearing House is, it’s a sweepstakes company that runs multiple drawings for cash prizes, including cars, cash, trips, home improvement items, and more.

It also offers smaller prizes like gift cards to lots of stores and restaurants. They used to send out the sweepstakes entry only in the mail for your chance to win.

22. Wealth Words

Do you love playing word games? If so, you will love Wealth Words.

Wealth Words is a pay-to-play word app that’s available on computers, iOS, and Android devices.

You earn real money by solving easy crossword puzzles online! There is a charge of between 50 cents and one dollar for entering a contest.

The minimum cashout is $20 through your PayPal account.

23. Second Life

Second Life is a virtual RPG world in which you can create a character and interact with other people in the game and earn money.

You can earn real money in the form of Linden dollars, which is the currency used in Second Life.

In addition to earning money from your avatar’s business ventures, you can also earn money for completing jobs or tasks other people request.

6 Ways To Stream Games & Get Paid

If you’re good (or lucky) enough at any game, there are ways to play games for money and also make money while live-streaming the gameplay.

With streaming sites like YouTube and Twitch, the internet’s favorite pastime is watching other people play games. Here are some unique ways people are playing games and earning money.

24. Tutorials

Make Money playing video games Young couple playing video games in the living room

YouTube is the most popular platform for watching videos, so it’s no surprise that some people upload tutorials of games.

Even though streaming sites are probably more popular now than they’ve ever been, this type of video has been around since the beginning of YouTube- there were even Minecraft tutorial channels back in 2010!

The popularity of these videos is increasing as more and more people are getting into streaming. If you’re good at the game, have played it for a long time, know all the tricks, and can teach others how to play, you could probably earn money from uploading tutorials on YouTube.

25. Game Coach

Do you have what it takes to help someone else learn how to play well and win? If so, you can make money online teaching people how to play so they can win their games and climb the ranks.

Video game coaches help players with their strategy and tactics as they play. As a coach, you’ll watch your student play the game while talking them through their strategy.

The more effective your coaching is, the more satisfied the player will be with your services. This means you’ll probably get a good review and recommendation from the player. On top of that, you’ll make money if they continue to use your services.

26. Blind Reactions

Have you ever played a game and thought, “Oh my god, this seems so easy!” or “That was awesome! I can’t wait to tell my friends about it!”?

You probably have a million opinions on a wide variety of games and you might be able to make money by sharing those opinions.

You might be just what game companies are looking for to offer funny reactions to new games.

This is probably one of the most unique ways to play and earn money. Players react to a game without actually playing it- they may even watch a video or look at screenshots from other players, then offer their thoughts on the game as if they were playing it themselves.

27. Speed Runs

mario kart on switch

Do you have what it takes to beat your favorite game’s time?

This is one of the most popular ways people are making money playing games online. Streamers on Twitch and YouTube can earn thousands of dollars in advertising revenue for their high-level play.

Speed Runs are videos of someone playing games online as fast as possible. Some people sequence break games without using exploits, glitches, or cheats. Others use speed running to show off just how quickly they can complete a game.

Some gamers even combine speed running with another service like coaching or tutorials- if you’re particularly good at any game, you could teach others how to beat it faster.

28. Video Game Reviews

We’ve all watched videos or read blogs to learn about a game before we buy it! You could be the person we rely on for an honest game review!

There are people who post or upload reviews of games, whether it’s a walkthrough, full-blown game start to finish, or just their first impressions of the game.

If you can create accurate and engaging reviews, you could make money from them on a gaming blog or on a YouTube channel.

29. Professional Gamer

If you’re good enough to compete in video game tournaments, there’s money to be made! If you’re really good and want to go pro in gaming, yous seriously can!

Professional gamers are able to make upwards of $100,000 playing one game. Some even participate in international competitions for prizes that amount up to six figures.

You may even be asked to join a team or get sponsors for yourself to earn more money, or get free gaming merch or equipment.

Streaming Videos

If you have enough personality and charisma, being a streamer could be your ticket to making money as a gamer!


Screen shot of YouTube application showing on iPhone 5s. YouTube is the popular online video sharing website.CHIANG MAI,THAILAND - NOVEMBER 29,2015

Not only has YouTube has become one of the most popular video streaming websites on the internet but it has become a popular live streaming site for gamers.

Gamers are paid to play games live on their channels, but there are also freelance streamers who simply record games and upload them to YouTube.

If you’re good at any game, it could be your ticket to a daily income stream! There are tons of ways you can make money on YouTube like from ads, sponsorships, or your own store with your website.

Want to learn how to make money every month making YouTube videos? Take the Mastering YouTube course and learn how to make videos like a pro and get more views on your work!


Twitch is a video game streaming site that allows players to live stream themselves playing games and showing off their skills to the world.

Gamers can make money off of their videos by monetizing them with ads, allowing for sponsorships, or even selling merchandise.

Many gamers are able to make money by simply asking for donations. You can share your PayPal information and ask viewers to show support through monetary contributions.

Twitch also offers a partnership program in which players can earn money from subscriptions on their streams. If you have the skills, chances are someone will be willing to pay you to watch you show them off!

How To Get Paid

There are several different ways to make money by playing games online.

People may also give you gaming merchandise and pay you to review their games. Others will simply choose to donate to support your channel!

You can also get paid sponsorships by setting up an account on Patreon.

7 Other Ways To Play Games and Make Money

playing video games

Even if the game apps that pay real money that we’ve listed aren’t your jam, there are other ways for gamers to earn money online!

If you’re really good at any games and want to share your knowledge with others, there are several other ways you could monetize this.

30. Blog About Games

Even if you’re not a professional gamer, you can still earn money from your gaming skills. For example, you can write about your experiences with different pay you to play games.

Just start a blog or a website about the latest online games and share all of your opinions on them with others! Here are some things you could write about!

  • game apps that pay real money when you win.
  • reviews of the best game apps that pay you to play in cash tournaments.
  • interview people in the game industry.
  • the latest news and trends in the gaming world
  • how to make money playing games
  • other ways to make money online with games

You could even build up enough traffic and start selling advertisements on your site.

Want to get a blog started today? Use BlueHost to get a professional blog up and running for only $2.95 a month!

31. Game Tournaments/Competitions

video game tournaments

Another way to make money by playing games is to play in cash tournaments. Not only do gamers get paid, but they also get tons of free swag and prizes.

Some of these tournaments can be local, while others may be going on around the world, but many are pay-to-enter.

To win a larger tournament, you’ll need a lot of skill and a little bit of luck to play and win! The top players are usually able to earn a pretty penny if they win!

Gamers with the most exceptional skills, or who have achieved a high ranking on one game, can apply to compete in international competitions.

32. Sell Old Game Accounts

If you have accounts with popular online games, like World of Warcraft, Runescape, or even older games that are still active, but you’ve quit playing them, there are sites where you can sell these accounts.

You could also trade your account(s) for ones that other people have to offer! If someone wants to play a game you have, you can just trade accounts and be on your way!

33. Test Video Games

There are several companies that hire people to play games and offer feedback. The official term for this is “QA Tester” which stands for Quality Assurance Tester.

You’ll play the game as you normally would, but there may be specific criteria you need to meet for these companies (like playing a certain level or beating a boss).

Basically, your job as a QA Tester is to cause the game to break. You tell the company what you did that caused the game to crash or glitch, and then they find a way to patch it.

34. Game Designer

computer programmer code

If you have a knack for making games or even interesting stories, you may want to put your skills to good use. Game designers are responsible for creating the games themselves!

They work with artists, musicians, and writers to come up with the storyline and design levels.

This is an extremely competitive field that requires extensive schooling or experience in programming or game design.

35. Make Gamer Merchandise

No matter what game you’re playing, there are probably people who want to show their love for it by wearing merchandising with the characters on it.

There are several companies that create gamer gear like t-shirts, hats, bags, posters, mugs, etc. You can sell these items yourself using sites like Etsy or on your own website.

36. Make Gamer Gear

If you’re not the creative type who can make merchandising, that’s okay! There are several other ways you could use your gaming skills to make real money.

For example, there are companies and individuals who will pay other gamers to design them custom controllers or other gamer accessories.

You’ll need to have a knack for coming up with creative concepts. You could also sell your own custom-made products on Amazon!

Key Takeaways

Best Survey Sites young woman outside with phone in hand happily making a fist and smiling at phone

Gaming is a popular pastime for many people, and it’s not just the kids who are playing these days!

Many people play games on their phone apps for hours at a time, and might not realize that there are ways to make real money playing games too!

People are playing games for real money in their free time or recording themselves playing to make money on YouTube. Gamers can not only make money with their gaming skills but also by making gamer merchandise or working on game design themselves.

We hope this article has been helpful in understanding how people can make money playing games!

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