20 Things, 5/9

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Cole Haan Bow Loafers / Faherty Shirt / Similar Topcoat / Jeans / Sunglasses

The first 20 things that come to mind this morning:

  • IT’S WARM IN CHICAGO THIS WEEK. I honestly can’t believe it. Had to order the girls short-sleeved uniform shirts and cute little knee socks instead of the usual cold-weather pieces they wear every day. How exciting. Can’t wait to spend all the time outside. I think I’m getting together with some girlfriends outside on Thursday night, actually, and I’m so looking forward to that!
  • We attended a going away party for our best friends this weekend and it was both sad and wonderful.  So many friends have left Chicago over the years, and we know that’s just part of city life. But bah. The four of us thought we were going to be “lifers” together, so this one is particularly tough. The party was amazing, though! Mitch and I went to Armitage Alehouse and Steppenwolf for a production of Seagull beforehand, and then stayed at Dave and Natalie’s far too late, as always, because we’re trouble together. Guess we’re just going to have to fly to see them in Florida like every other weekend from January-March. 😆
  • Our credit card number was stolen. So much fun. Can’t wait for all the disasters that come about from failed auto payments. Grrrrr.
  • This bathing suit is just stunning. It apparently works really well for girls with long torsos, too!
  • We had the best no-plans Mother’s Day. Let’s be real: Mother’s Day can be stressful. Between long drives, getting everyone ready and out the door on time, brunches and making tons of phone calls, I often find myself totally exhausted by the end of it, haha. This Mother’s Day, though, I asked if we could just fly by the seat of our pants and do whatever we wanted that day as a family. It was lovely! We worked on the backyard while the girls jumped on the trampoline and played house; we visited the Lincoln Park Zoo; we had an early dinner at Theater on the Lake. I loved it. Even brought my camera because I’m trying to be better about getting photos of myself with the girls. Got a couple of framers that I know I’ll cherish forever!
  • Potty training is going so well! Honestly, I’m shocked. Lucy is a very stubborn little girl 😜, and I was preparing myself for a long, hard battle. But she’s really done such a good job! I’ll say that it’s a little stressful being out and about in the city—lots of running to the potty, for sure—but I know that’ll end soon. Proud of our Goose! (And really happy for us, haha. Love that we’ve closed the diaper chapter.)
  • Petite Plume came out with the cutest smocked dresses for women and girls. Aren’t they gorgeous? They’re designed to be incredibly soft, which is music to my ears. I can’t wait to wear them on Nantucket!
  • Mitch and Emma met the founder of PlayPods at the wedding in North Carolina last week, and I’m so impressed with the brand’s products. The owner brought a bunch of the pods to the wedding for little guests, and they kept them entertained! What a godsend. Definitely check them out.
  • This diamond jute rug is the best rug we’ve ever owned. I’ve had it in my office for a few years now and it’s stunning. It also doesn’t shed! It’s an investment but 100-percent worth it. I think I’ve mentioned this before but I also spilled a glass of white wine on it and you’d never know. ;)
  • We ended up getting Emma a digital piano that accommodates headphones (YAY) for her piano lessons. No, it’s not the nicest piano, but it’s going to go in the playroom and it’s perfect for our needs right now. To make room for it, we’re selling Emma’s dresser and moving the playroom dresser into her room, since I love it and can’t bear to part with it. The nice thing is that since Pottery Barn Kids’ stuff has such good resale value, it should probably cover most of the piano. Love little wins like that, haha.
  • This extremely affordable BPA-free tea party set (on sale!) is fabulous for bath time and outdoor water play. And this wooden tea set really goes with the girls’ Amazon sensory bin, which has been providing HOURS of entertainment.
  • I’ve been having so much fun making play dough with the girls. I’m really into it. It’s just such a fun activity with kids, as it includes baking, crafting and playing. We spent half of Saturday in our pajamas doing it and had a total blast. Can’t wait to start making play dough sensory kits for the girls’ friends birthdays!
  • I went to a really fun moms lunch and met new friends. It was such a nice break from the work week, and I loved getting to know more people at Emma and Lucy’s new school. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming. Really feel like the place is becoming a home because of the wonderful people there! And to think; the girls are only 3 and 5. So many fun years ahead of us. :)
  • Chicagoans, order this rainbow balloon installation for your kid’s next birthday! I’m writing this in advance, but LUFT is doing this for Lucy’s birthday, and I can’t wait to see her reaction. They’re doing it in pastel colors. Thank you, LUFT!
  • I’m manning the Ireland table during a world cultures day at Emma’s school. My friend Abby is heading it and I’m going to be helping out. I’m getting started on the potato-shaped baked doughnuts this week. They’re SO cute; they’re made to look like little potatoes! (No actual potatoes involved.) I’ll let you know what else we come up with, but if you have any suggestions on what to display, let me know. :)
  • Did you know that ChappyWrap makes water-resistant blankets? How nice would these be for beach nights this summer? I can’t wait for that…
  • I can’t stop thinking about this gorgeous floral dress. And this one, too! Because dress season is finally upon us here in Chicago. Eeee!
  • My friend Julia went to a GORGEOUS event with ASHA and I need these flowers installed around my front door. Btw, ASHA is the maker of the Nantucket charm!
  • Are you looking for the perfect striped sweater? Because this is it. I can’t stop wearing it, as evidenced by my Instagram feed. 🙈
  • One Home Project Every Day update:
    • I purchased locks for the exterior of doors for upstairs rooms. We’ve had some kiddo disasters recently—one involving lipstick and another involving my hard drive—so it was time!
    • I started making the pad cover for my DIY trampoline makeover projectAnd I a lunatic? Yes. But I do think it’s going to give us a few more years with the trampoline, and make our outside space look less tired. Wish me luck. I’m not the craftiest but I dare say it’s going well?!
    • Mitch installed and wired speakers on our patio. This was a BIG job. It required pulling wires through the garage, climbing under the deck, and climbing on the side of the house. Pretty terrifying stuff, honestly, and I’ll admit that I begged him not to do it, haha. But it’s over and it’s awesome and I can’t wait to sit out there tonight!
    • I moved all the winter boots out of the mudroom closet and into everyone’s bedroom closets. It feels so good.
    • Mitch sold the last of my old photography equipment on Facebook Marketplace. CRAZY! I now own one small camera  I adore and two lenses, both of which I use regularly. Less is more.
    • I did a 30-minute random drawer/cabinet/closet purge. Kind of want to turn this into a habit. It was very effective and kind of fun?
    • I finished the game cabinet organization. I used these, and every game we own—save for this one—fit, which was incredible! No more games spilling out every time we open the cabinet, and since they take a bit of work to open, no more kids spreading the pieces throughout the house while we aren’t looking. Boom, all problems solved.
    • I found cases for our flash card collection. Kids are always ripping the cardboard cases that playing cards and flash cards come in, so I decided to also fix that problem while I was doing the game cabinet. 😜
    • I cleaned our magic stair runner from Rouzati Rugs after Lucy had an epic accident on it. Looks like nothing happened. I can’t believe it! Rouzati is the best. If you’re looking to have a stair runner installed/replaced, please call Ali. He’s our friend, and he’ll give you a friend discount if you just mention my blog! Most affordable runners in Chicago, we’ve found!

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