15 Of The Best Mother’s Day Games For The Whole Family

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Selection of fun and easy mother’s day games. These games are great for all ages to enjoy together from toddlers to adults. Show mom you care whilst also having a lot of fun at the same time. 

Simple games that will create a lot of laughs and fantastic memories!

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What does mother’s day look like in your home?

Is it celebrated with extended family meaning several mom’s are present? Or perhaps it’s just your immediate family with just the one fabulous mom?

Regardless of how it is spent, there is one thing that generally runs true with every single mothers day. That’s the fact that mom has probably had something to do with planning the day!

So if it’s time to shake things up a bit, and surprise mom, these mother’s day games and activities will be just what you need.

Some can be played with just one mom and other’s with several mom’s.

Regardless of who you are spending mothers day with, these games and activities will ensure one thing.

These games will promote togetherness, fun and laughter, and they will help mom feel that little bit extra special for the day.

What Games Do Mother’s Play?

You might be wondering what kind of mother’s day games you could possibly play. My answer would be to not overthink it!

Mom will play anything that creates fun for the whole family. Mother’s day is about being together and that’s what games do. They bring everyone together, undertaking the same activity and enjoying each other’s company.

So whether the game is charades, bingo or a mom fashion show, if it’s a game that everyone is enjoying then mom will want to play!

Take a peek at the selection of 15 mother’s day games below. There is something for all ages to enjoy.

15 Awesome Mother’s Day Games

1. Presents Hide And Seek

Instead of giving mom her presents as normal, why not hide them. The twist is that the kids also hide with the presents!

Mom then has to search the house looking for her kids with her presents.

2. Mothers Day Charades

This charades is all about mom’s favorite movies, books and tv shows. 

Write down a whole heap of answers on individual pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. One person takes a piece of paper and starts to act out the answer.

Set a timer for 60 seconds and everyone gets the opportunity to shout out the answer before the timer goes off.

Photo by Askar Abayev / Pexels

3. Mommy Bingo  

Source: All Bingo Cards

The whole family will be able to enjoy a game of bingo. Simply print off the free bingo sheets and get ready to play!

The cards are bright and colorful and will keep kids engaged.


4. How Well Do You Know Mom

This is a fun game for the whole family to be involved in.

Have a list of questions printed on a sheet for the kids to answer. Give them time to complete the questions, whilst mom relaxes with a cup of tea.

Once everyone has had a chance to answer the questions, ask the questions to mom. The person who has he most questions answered correctly is the winner.

Questions could include:

  • What is mom’s favorite movie?
  • What does mom like to order when she goes for cake and coffee?
  • What does mom most like to cook?
  • What is mom’s favorite time of year?
  • What is mom’s favorite flower?

5. Get To Know Mom

Make a list of 10-20 questions for everyone to answer.

This game is slightly different to the “how well do you know mom” game. Rather than it being a competition to see who can get the most answers right, this game is all about finding out more about mom.

Get together and form a list of questions you would like to ask mom.

Ask her anything serious, fun or quirky. You might want to know;

  • The first country abroad that she ever went to
  • Did she ever receive detention at school?
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to her

The questions you could ask are literally endless!

Keep going around until you have either reached a certain time, or have run out of paper.

Photo credit: Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels

6. Balloon Stomp

This will be a fun active game for mom.

Before mother’s day get the kids to write down a list of things that they can help mom with over the next week or two.

Ideas could include:

  • Make mom a cup of tea every morning for a week
  • Bring mom her slippers when she gets home
  • Breakfast in bed on Sunday
  • Make mom’s bed every morning for two weeks

Once the kids have written a list, cut the list up so that one idea is on each piece of paper. Insert the ideas into some balloons (one idea per balloon), and blow up the balloons.

On mother’s day set a timer for ONE minute and ask mom to stomp and burst as many balloons as possible. All the ideas that she releases in this time will be undertaken over the next few days or weeks.

Mothers day balloon stomp
Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

7. Scavenger Hunt

Kids love scavenger hunts, but this time the players are reversed. The kids get to hide the items and mom gets to hunt for them!

You may choose to hide everyday items from the house, and give mom a list of things for her to find.

Or you may chose to hide small presents such as a lip stick, hair brush, bath bomb etc and let mom know how many gifts are waiting for her.

Or perhaps you would like mom to do a candy scavenger hunt.

Whatever you choose to hide, ensure mom knows what it is she needs to look out for.

8. Story About Mom

This is a fun game that only requires pen, paper and imagination.

Gather the family around and get prepared to write a story. Everyone can agree on a first sentence to write about mom, then the story is handed around the circle. Everyone gets a chance to write 1-2 sentences of the story before passing it to the next person.

For children who are too young to read or write, someone else can add their ideas onto the story.

Then read the entire story aloud!

This will be a fun story that mom will be able to keep forever.

An alternative way to play the game is to simply say aloud the sentences rather than write them down.

story about mom
Photo credit: Arina Krasnikova / Pexels

9. Give Mom A Break

This mothers day game will ensure that the word “mom” is not said on repeat throughout the day!

At the beginning of the day, give everyone 5 safety pins. The challenge is not to say “mom”.

Anybody that hears someone say “mom” gets to steal one of their safety pins. The person with the most safety pins at the end of the day wins.

10. Mother’s Day Awards Ceremony

One fun way of showing mom how amazing she is, would be to hold an award ceremony. Print off the free mother’s day certificate and hand to the kids to complete.

Then coordinate a time during the day that everyone can be present for an “award ceremony”. The kids can hand over the certificates, everyone can toast mom with a champagne and mom could even make a speech.

Mother's Day Certificate

11. Memories of Mom

Before mother’s day, ask the kids to write down as many memories of mom that they can think of. 

On mother’s day, the kids can read out their memories to mom.

This will be a wonderful sharing time for the family and also a beautiful keepsake for mom.

12. Draw Mom

This is simply a beautiful activity for the kids to do, whilst mom relaxes and watches with a cup of tea and a piece of cake! Give the kids some paper and pens and ask them to draw a picture of mom.

Not only will it be a fun activity for the kids to complete, but it will be a wonderful keepsake for mom afterwards.

Kids drawing picture of mom
Photo credit: Ron Lach / Pexels

13. Wait on Mom

This is going to be great for mom ALL day long! First thing in the morning hand her a little bell (and a small tub of candy). Let her know that anytime she needs something, to just ring the bell!

This could be for a cup of tea, needing her slippers, a jumper or letting everyone know she is ready to play another game.

The first person to answer mom’s bell gets a candy.

14. Mom Fashion Show

This is a fun activity if mom is happy to let the kids loose in her wardrobe!

Let the kids go and prepare 1 or 2 outfits put together from mom’s wardrobe. Then set some music, a walkway and let the fashion parade begin.

Girl dressing up in moms clothes
Photo credit: Anastasia Shuraeva / Pexels

15. Mom Karaoke

If you are a singing family, then you will love a bit of karaoke. It doesn’t need to be flash. You don’t need to have a karaoke or a microphone.

Simply play some of moms favorite tunes and grab a hair brush. This is simply a bit of fun, not a concert!

Now Go And Enjoy Your Mother’s Day Games!

These mother’s day games will all help to give the mom in your life a day that she will never forget. After breakfast in bed and present opening, these games will help create a day that is full of fun and definitely full of surprises.

Mom will love the fact that the whole day has been planned out just for her, and every single game will make her feel special.

Looking for something extra to do with mom on her special day? How about checking out these mother’s day craft ideas.

If after all the game playing, you want to sit down and do something special together, then these crafts would be a perfect activity to undertake together.

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