14 Resources for Gay Pride Month: A Resource Round-Up for Educators

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"We should indeed keep calm in the face of difference, and live our lives in a state of inclusion and wonder at the diversity of humanity."

— George Takei

George Takei has done many wonderful things in his life, such as playing Sulu on Star Trek: The Original Series and shedding light on the shameful treatment of Japanese-Americans during World War II and is a staunch advocate for LGBTQ+ people and gay rights.  If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you should!

Learn about 14 organizations, books, a video & a TpT resource that help students and teachers learn about LGBTQ+ issues and Gay Pride Month
Find a TpT Resource for ELLs & other students HERE; source: The ESL Nexus

June is Gay Pride Month so in this blog post, I’d like to provide a round up of resources you can use in your classroom or when talking with students about LGBTQ+ issues.  The list below includes 9 organizations, 2 books, 1 video, and a TpT resource that I created.  Please click on their names for get more information about each one.

(The links to the books are affiliate links.  As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  That means that I receive a small commission if you buy any of the books but it is at no extra cost to you.  I appreciate your support -- thank you!)

ORGANIZATIONS (in alphabetical order) 

* Everyone is Gay: Website with info about how to support LGBTQIA young people.

* GLAAD: Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation: Works to overcome prejudice and discrimination against LGBTQ people.

* GLESN: Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network: Provides resources for teachers and students about LGBTQ issues.

* GSA Network: An organization that helps students form clubs in schools that support LGBTQ+ students and provides resources to support them. 

* Human Rights Campaign: Organization that fights for LGBTQ equality through legal and political advocacy.

* It Gets Better Project: Provides support to LGBTQ youth by offering support through personal stories by famous and not famous people and other resources.

* OK2BME: Website with list of curriculum and teaching resources about LGBTQ issues.

* PFLAG (Original name: “Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays”): Originally founded to provide support to caregivers of gay and lesbian children, it now offers support and resources to the wider LGBTQ community and advocates on their behalf.

* The Trevor Project: An organization that provides support to LGBTQ youth under 25 who are thinking about suicide or facing other crises.


From the stars in the sky to the fish in the sea
As I wrote in this blog post, this is a great book for all students who feel like they don’t belong.  It has a very positive message and the pictures are beautiful.

* Red: A Crayon’s Story
   This deceptively simple picture book is ostensibly about a red crayon who somehow colors everything blue, not red.  People of all ages will like the positive ending.


* Jazz Jennings Reads I Am Jazz
   Jazz Jennings, who wrote about being a transgender teen in the book I Am Jazz, does a read-aloud in this 4 ½ minute video and offers an affirming message to young people at the end.  

You can purchase the book HERE.


* LGBTQ+ Vocabulary Activities and Reading Passage about Gay Pride Month
   This resource teaches English Language Learners and other students 27 vocabulary words about LGBTQ+ issues and Gay Pride Month.  It includes materials for flash cards, word walls, and a vocabulary game.  In addition, there are word search and crossword puzzles as well as a reading passage that gives students background information about Gay Pride Month.

This TpT resource includes a reading passage about Gay Pride Month, & various activities that help students learn 27 words about LGBTQ issues.

Happy Pride Month!

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