12 Sight Word Activities with a Lot of Hands on Learning

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Henry is a first grader this year and came home with a letter about their expectations for learning sight words. Call me crazy, but I was so excited! That means we get to do all these fun sight word activities to help him learn them!

Sight words are all about memorization and recognition. Not about the spelling or sounding them out.

Seeing the sight word and knowing what it is right off the bat. That’s the goal.

All throughout kindergarten we’ve been doing tons of sight word activities to practice, practice, practice. Henry loves it, so I just go with it!

These are twelve activities that we’ve done to learn sight words, with a few from around the web as well.

A wonderful bonus to any of these activities is that they can usually be adapted to letters. Check out the game on the stairs, or the magic paint.

So, if you have a preschooler that wants to play along, just switch out the sight words for letters of the alphabet.

I’ve done this so many times with Henry and George. Henry works on sight words and George works on letters. Its a wonderful combo for hands on learning.

12 sight word activities - hands on learning

12 sight word activities using a lot of hands on learning:

  1. Make a sight word treasure hunt.
  2. Find matching pairs of sight words. Like the worksheets that you draw a line to the matching pair… but big.
  3. Jump and grab the sight words.
  4. Make an I spy sensory bag to spot the sight words.
  5. A spider web caught the sight words! Oh-no! Find the matching sight words on the web.
  6. Sight word practice, a game to get to the top of the stairs.
  7. Magic sight word learning. What sight word magically appears? Can you name it?
  8. Can you spot the sight word in the magazine? Circle it!
  9. Sight word cup crash from Coffee Cups and Crayons
  10. Sight word speed racer game from No Time for Flash Cards
  11. Sight word parking lot from Juggling with Kids
  12. Sight word scavenger hunt from Sugar Aunts
12 sight word activities

Please share in the comments any of your favorite ways for your kids to learn sight words.

More homework? Check these out:

Products I recommend to practice sight words:

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