11 Creative (Candy-Free) Kids Valentine Ideas for the Classroom

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Valentine’s Day is nearing which means your kids will be coming home asking what types of valentines they’re going to be able to give out to their classmates at school this year. And while the classic lollipop or chocolate on a card is always a hit, sometimes you just want something a little more exciting! Or perhaps you’re looking for the allergy-friendly option this year, where as a candy-free Valentine card might be the way to go.

All of these Valentine sets can be found on Amazon. Make sure you order them at least a week prior to Valentine’s Day to prevent any disappointment on shipping delays (we learned that the hard way on Christmas)!

Let’s get to it!

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  1. Superhero Slap Bracelet Valentines 

If you have a superhero fanatic in your house, then they will completely appreciate these fun snap bracelets that come with themed superhero cards for the ultimate Valentine’s Day cards this year.

$15.99 (28 count with cards)

2. Poppin In, Pop-It Valentines 

Who doesn’t love a fun little pop-it toy? These seem to double as bracelets from the look of them, but I couldn’t find that out for sure in the product description. In either case, these are always a hit for both boys and girls alike!

pop it valentines

$19.99 (24 pack with cards)

3. Kids Valentine’s Day Finger Lights & Cards

I love these little finger flash light toys to pair with the kids Valentine’s Day cards this year. They come with fun little space-themed cards to go along with the gift to all their classmates!

$11.99 for 36 cards

4. Bubble Wand Valentine’s Day Cards 

How cute are these bubble wands that come with matching mermaid-themed cards. These are perfect for the little mermaid lovers in your life for Valentine’s Day!

bubble wands valentines

$12.99 for a 36 pack

5. Kids Valentine’s Cards with Stress Ball Stretchy

These are really cool fidget toys that will pair nicely with the accompanying cards. These are great for both the boys and the girls in the class, they’re unisex in varying colors and even great for all ages as well.

valentines day kids stress ball

$27.99 for a 24 pack

6. Mini-Stuffy Plush Toys with Valentine’s Day Cards

These adorable little stuffed animals are perfect for little hands. They come in a variety of animals and are such a cute idea to pass out to classmates for Valentine’s Day.

$19.99 for a 28 pack

7. Insect-Building Blocks Valentine Set

These little insect kits are so cool for kids that love to build or love Legos! There are a variety of insects to pass out to classmates for them to build at home, along with matching cards and insect tattoos.

$29.99 for a pack of 24

8. Slime Valentine’s Day Card Sets

These might just make you the cool mom/dad this Valentine’s Day when your child gets to hand out not only cute Valentine’s Day cards but small containers of slime as well. It comes in several different colors with fun little shapes inside!

kids slime valentines

$21.99 for pack of 30 

9. Pull-Tube Fidget Toy Valentines 

These fidget toys are some of the fan favorites as far as fidgets go. They stretch, they bend, and they even make fun noises. Kids love to play with these things and they’re mess free which is a double win!

candy-free valentines for kids

$17.66 for a 28 pack

10. Kids Wacky Tracks Valentine Gifts

These neat little toys are actually pretty neat! They’re shape-shifters, fidget-busters, and colorful little toys that get kids to use their imagination and build whatever shapes their hearts desire.

$14.99 for 28 sets

11. Kids Wall Crawlers Toys with Valentine Cards

These little guys are like wall ninjas. They have sticky hands and feet and when placed on a wall or window, they will flip and flop to slowly climb down the surface with flair. My kids love these things and provide some great entertainment!

$18.99 for a 28 pack


There are such great options out there for kids Valentine’s Day gifts that don’t involve candy or sugar. If you’re looking to give allergy-free Valentine’s or just a healthier option for the classmates this year, hopefully these ideas give you a jumping point to create something fun this year!

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